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It’s the AM

It's the AM
Today I’m showing you another blue and white dress from the one of the most recent Amarelo Manga collections. I was inspired to again visit New York City to demonstrate just how perfect this dress is for a girl on the go.

I also added the beautiful Angel Heart necklace available this month for the Mix event. You have several colors to choose from and two different metals. I though the citron matched best with the dress. It is a great reminder that there are angels all around us and it is important to be kind.


Aren’t these items simply gorgeous?

Dress: Amarelo Manga – Sumara
Pose: Posesion from the Narnia set
Necklace: ANE – Angel Heart, available in-store for the Mix event
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Luce

Finally, if you are interesting in reading a “day in the life of a model” story, then look below…

I had a strange casting on Friday. It was not super fashion-related (although it was to model an outfit). The person said they needed to see me right away and teleported me to their location. Then they handed me a box and told me to wear the outfit inside, but the land was no rezz so I had to go back to my house and put everything on there. When I got back she said I needed to have a walk and 25 poses to do at 5 different stops “now.” On most occasions I’m used to having preparation time for castings, so this came as a shock to me. I was honest and said I had a modeling HUD with the right number of poses, but the walks and poses would likely not match the outfit. She said it was fine. After 2 stops and 10 poses, she told me I was amazing and she would let me know when I was needed. I asked if the outfit she gave was the one to be modeled and she said no. I said if she gave me the outfit ahead of time, then I could style the right poses and walk for it. She didn’t respond and just thanked me for coming. Given she said she would contact me but did not friend me, it makes me inclined to believe I’ll never hear from her again. The reason I post about this is that it was such a strange experience. No matter how skilled you are as a model, there will always be some curve balls thrown your way. Also, I would urge people not to contact someone who writes in a group chat that they are looking for models. I have a feeling it often ends in the same way as my experience!


1 thought on “It’s the AM”

  1. I wonder why she wanted so many poses if she wasn’t going to look at them all? And normally when people ask for models like that, I would expect it to be more of a print model gig where the person needs to take a few pictures.

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