Current Representation
AIM Agency
Catwalk Agency
Color Me Virtual Squad
Genesis Modeling Agency
Metaverse Model Management
Miss Royalty Agency
Obscura Harmonium Arts
Rouge Modeling Agency
Superior Modeling Agency

Past representation
Ascendent (closed)
HASHTAG by Visionaire (closed)
Haute Monde Agency (closed)
ICONIQ (hiatus)
Siren Productions (closed)
SL Vogue (closed)
Regal (closed)

Modeling & Fashion Experience

Runway Shows
United show for Relay for Life, Superior Modeling Agency; June 2018
Show 1, Trunk Show: Disco Evolution, Catwalk Agency; April 2018
Earth Hour, AIM Agency; March 2018
Fashion Men & Women, AIM Agency; February 2018
The World is Not a Box (featuring PREY, Oubliette & Phedora), Obscura Harmonium Arts; January 2018
Christmas show, Superior Modeling Agency; December 2017
Inaugural Shows, Color Me Virtual; October 2017
Haunted Hayride, Superior Modeling Agency; October 2017
FABIA Hair for Spoonful of Sugar, AIM Agency; September 2017
AlaFolie for Spoonful of Sugar, AIM Agency; September 2017
Back to School featuring B Barbie Style, Catwalk Agency; September 2017
Sensations show featuring Jumo, ICONIQ Agency; July 2017
Summer Resort 2017 show, The Fashion Loft; June 2017
Relay for Life: Fashion for the Soul show, Superior Modeling Agency; April 2017
Fashion for Life, Miss Royalty Agency; March 2017
Autumn/Winter Trends show, Ferosh; January 2017
Christmas Show, Ascendent Agency; December 2016
Heth Haute Couture 4th Anniversary Show, Ascendent Agency; November 2016
Haunted Hayride Show, Superior Modeling Agency; October 2016
Three shows of exclusive releases at Miles of Memories (an event to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association), Miss Royalty Agency; September 2016
B Barbie Style, Regal Agency; September 2016
Summer Bridal Showcase (wearing Styles by Danielle), Haute Monde Agency; August 2016
Spring Trends Show, Ferosh Fashion Weekend; June 2016
Behind the Runway show (wearing Zibska & Diram), Menswear Fashion Week, Siren Productions/SCALA; June 2016
Tori’s Stylez, Regal Agency; April 2016
Wicca’s Wardrobe for J&A Expo, Siren Productions; February 2016
Show 2 (wearing Finale Couture), Autism Speaks Charity Event, Miss Royalty Agency; February 2016
Show 1 (wearing Lyrical B!zarre Templates), Autism Speaks Charity Event, Miss Royalty Agency; February 2016
Love is in the Air, Glint Jewelry with GM Modeling Agency; January 2016
Gloriously Unique: Zibska & The White Armory, Regal Agency; December 2015
United Colors for The 24 Event, Siren Productions; September 2015
Solidea Folies for Fashion-5, Model’s Workshop; September 2015
Boheme, Belladonna Couture show, Street Wear Live; August 2015
Exotic Trends Fashion Show, SL Vogue; July 2015
Blacklace fashion show, Superior Modeling Agency; May 2015
Miss Virtual World misses fashion show, Fashion for Change event; April 2015
LaVian Spring & Summer line runway show; March 2015
#MUSIC flash mob, HASHTAG by Visionaire; February 2015
Model’s Workshop FASHION-5 Runway Show featuring Ghee; July 2014
Fashion Modeling University graduation show featuring JCNY & GizzA creations; June 2014

Print Modeling
Spring/Summer issue, Catwalk Magazine; July 2018
January/February issue, Catwalk Magazine; February 2018
United Colors print advertisement, The Fashion Loft; February 2018
Winter White Ball print ad, The Fashion Loft; January 2018
World Holidays spread for Virtual Diva Magazine; December 2017
Underground Catrina spread for Virtual Diva Magazine; September 2017
“Flawless” print ad for Glamora; September 2017
Appeared in Catwalk Magazine, issue 4; July 2017
Appeared in Catwalk Magazine, issue 2; March 2017
On the cover of Rouge Magazine, issue 2; February 2017
January LookBook, SWANK; January 2017
Appeared in Catwalk Magazine, issue 1; January 2017
Appeared in Mode Magazine, issue 2; January 2017
Featured as Miss Athena Couture and Model of the Month in Rouge Magazine issue 1; December 2016
Appeared in ENVY Magazine v3.5; November 2016
Appeared in ENVY Magazine v3.4; October 2016
Appeared in Rouge Magazine, issue 1; October 2016
Appeared in ENVY Magazine v3.3; October 2016
Miles of Memories featured in the charity section of Kultivate Magazine; October 2016
Appeared as “fire” in SMA Glam issue 2; October 2016
Featured cover and article in Royal Magazine issue 4; September 2016
Appeared in ENVY Magazine v3.0; August 2016
SWANK July spread, ENVY Magazine v2.8; July 2016
Spring Summer Look Book, Ghee; July 2016
National Ice Cream Day spread, ENVY Magazine v2.7; July 2016
Boho styling, SMA Glam Issue 1; July 2016
SWANK June spread, ENVY Magazine v2.5; June 2016
“Piper” vendor ad, POSH PIXELS; June 2016
“Dark Phoenix” in the superhero spread, ENVY Magazine v2.4; June 2016
“Amity” vendor ad, Penumbra SS16FW, White Room Couture; May 2016
“Bella” vendor ad, Penumbra SS16FW, POSH PIXELS; May 2016
“Amity” vendor ad, Fantasy Faire item, Athena Couture; April 2016
“Andie v2” vendor ad, POSH PIXELS; March 2016
Featured in Issue #3, Glitz Magazine; February 2016
“Fede” vendor ad, Relay for Life auction item, POSH PIXELS; February 2016
“Winter waves” vendor ad, White Room Couture; February 2016
Ads for Cherished Creations; January, 2016
Featured in Eclipse Magazine; November 2015
“1934” vendor ad, Penumbra Fashion Week, White Room Couture; October 2015
“Crossed” vendor ad, White Room Couture; September 2015
Sorbet” vendor ad for The Instruments, White Room Couture; August 2015
Shopping ad, M.Y. Studio Productions mall; March 2015
Advertisements for Eternally Yours Weddings; February 2015
Appeared in the “Search for Ghee Girl 2015” story in ModeLS Magazine; February 2015
Vendor ads for the Hipster Fair collection, Ghee; January 2015
Vendor ads for Phenomenon Collection, Lyrical B!zarre Templates; January 2015
ppeared in The Art of Elegance magazine; January 2015
Appeared in Best of Second Life (BOSL) Magazine; December 2014
Vendor photo for MakeUp Addiction (MUA) “Vampire” set; November 2014
Featured in I Love Models Magazine issue; September 2014
Model/Photographer, Nouveaux Visuals; May – September 2014

United, Fashion for the Soul RFL show, Superior Modeling Agency; June 2018
Promo for Winter White Ball, The Fashion Loft; January 2018
Featured model in YamaBlog Ep.2 – SL Education, Ascendent Agency; March 2017
Appeared in Christmas Show video, Ascendent Agency; December 2016
Appeared in HHC 4th Anniversary show video, Ascendent Agency; December 2016
Featured model in Summer Bridal Showcase preview video, Haute Monde Agency; August 2016
Appeared in Episode 3 of “BreakOut: Joyful Noise” by Exquisite Xpressionz; July 2016
Ferosh Fashion Weekend, Trends Show; June 2016
Appeared in Episode 2 of “BreakOut: Joyful Noise” by Exquisite Xpressionz; March 2016
Featured model in “Party Like a Ghee Girl” video; January 2016
Model for Street Wear Live, Belladonna Couture “Boheme” Fashion show; August 2015
Extra for “Drax Files: World Makers” episode; January 2015
Interviewer, M.Y. Studio FM – SL Paris Fashion Week video; March, 2015
Featured in a promo video for HASHTAG by VISIONAIRE; February, 2015
Featured in recap of the MVW Disney Meets Gaga Challenge; December 2014
Featured in an episode of DJ Adam01time’s Show; December 2014
Featured in Aim Productions Video of MVW Challenge 5; November 2014
Featured in AIM Productions Video of MVW Challenge 1; October 2014

Model, Athena’s Angels for the Athena Couture brand; JulyDecember 2017
Model of the Year winner, Rouge Magazine; June, 2017
Woman of the Year Nominee, Rouge Magazine; May-June, 2017
Miss Athena Couture 2017, Athena Couture
Miss Royalty 2016, Miss Royalty Pageant/Organization
The People’s Miss Royalty Award, Miss Royalty Pageant, 2016
Miss Congeniality, Miss Royalty Pageant, 2016
Model of the Month, Miss Royalty Agency; April 2016
Winner, Photo Challenge #1 “Avant Couture”, Miss Royalty Pageant; March 2016
Miss Royalty Romania 2016, Miss Royalty Pageant/Organization
Miss Virtual Romania 2015, Miss Virtual World Pageant/Organization
Denim style challenge winner, ModeLS Magazine; April 2015
Model of the Month, LaVian & Co.; February – March 2015
Ms. February, Obsession Exposed Studio; February 2015
Winner, Model’s Workshop Ghee Autumn Hunt Style Challenge; December 2014
Urban style challenge winner, ModeLS Magazine; July 2014
2nd Place in the Garden Party Style Challenge, Model’s Workshop; May 2014

Store/Live Modeling
Ghee Model; August 2015 – October 2016
Pose model, J&A Expo by Siren Productions; March 2016
Hipster model for “Pimp that Black Dress” by Bea Serendipity, Model’s Workshop; February 2016
Pose model, The 24 Event by Siren Productions; September 2015
LaVian Diamond/Store model, LaVian & Co; January – May 2015
Live Gem/Store Model, Zuri Jewelry; July – October 2014
Store model, LivGlam; May – December 2014

Management Experience
Instructor, Regal Modeling Academy; January July 2018
Chief Operating Officer, Miss Royalty Agency; November 2016 – December 2017
Manager for Lyrical B!zarre Templates; March 2015 – December 2017
Executive, Fashion for Life 2017; November 2016 – April 2017
Creative Director of TEOM Magazine, writer and photographer; November 2014 – May 2016 (Avi Choice Award nominee 2015, 2016 & 2017)
Professor and Administator, TEOM Academy; January 2015 – May 2016
Committee Chair: Styling Challenges, Model’s Workshop; March 2015 – June 2016

Blogging, Photography & Other Experience
Model/backstage director and script writer, Regal Runway Styling Challenges, Regal Agency & Academy; February and April, 2018
Model page on Genesis Modeling Academy website; January 2017
Featured Blogger in Virtual 2nd Night Magazine; September 2015 – December 2017
Writer for January issue of Catwalk Mag; 2017
Script writer for Miles of Memories; September 2016
Writer for the June issue of ECLIPSE Magazine; 2016
Writer for the May issue of ECLIPSE Magazine; 2016
Writer for the March issue of ECLIPSE Magazine; 2016
Writer for February issue of ECLIPSE Magazine; 2016
Featured in slGoth Magazine; November 2015
Writer for September issue of ECLIPSE Magazine; 2015
Pinterest assistant for the Nouveaux region; June 2014 – December 2016
Created cover photo and wrote article, Glitz Magazine; August 2015
Writer for March/April issue of Cultured The Magazine; 2015
Social media assistant for W.E. At Home and Eternally Yours Weddings & Events; March – May 2015
Actor, voice talent and events team member for M.Y. Studio Productions; December 2014 – May 2015
Blog post featured on; January 2015
Sanziana – my creations; 2014 – present
Avatars of Second Life blog; 2014-2015
Red Dragon Photography; 2008 – present
Two featured photographs in the Lyrical B!zarre Gallery; October 2014
Featured photograph at the Finesmith Muse Festival; June – July 2014
Honorable Mention, Lyrical B!zarre Photo Contest; June 2014
LivGlam Blogger of the Week; May 2014
Showroom Blogger for Finesmith; May – June 2014

Regal Academy, 2018
Ferosh Fashion Institute (mentored by Linda Reddevil); graduated August 2017
Fashion Modeling University by JCNY; graduated June 2014

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