AIM Agency
Catwalk Agency
Superior Modeling Agency
Siren Productions
Miss Royalty Agency
Regal Agency
HASHTAG by Visionaire (closed)
Ascendent (closed)
SL Vogue (closed)
Haute Monde Agency (closed)

Modeling & Fashion Experience
Model, Athena’s Angels for the Athena Couture brand; July 2017-present
Model of the Year winner, Rouge Magazine; June, 2017
Woman of the Year Nominee, Rouge Magazine; May-June, 2017
Miss Athena Couture 2017, Athena Couture
Miss Royalty 2016, Miss Royalty Pageant/Organization
The People’s Miss Royalty Award, Miss Royalty Pageant, 2016
Miss Congeniality, Miss Royalty Pageant, 2016
Model of the Month, Miss Royalty Agency; April 2016
Winner, Photo Challenge #1 “Avant Couture”, Miss Royalty Pageant; March 2016
Miss Royalty Romania 2016, Miss Royalty Pageant/Organization
Miss Virtual Romania 2015, Miss Virtual World Pageant/Organization
Denim style challenge winner, ModeLS Magazine; April 2015
Model of the Month, LaVian & Co.; February – March 2015
Ms. February, Obsession Exposed Studio; February 2015
Winner, Model’s Workshop Ghee Autumn Hunt Style Challenge; December 2014
Urban style challenge winner, ModeLS Magazine; July 2014
2nd Place in the Garden Party Style Challenge, Model’s Workshop; May 2014

Print Modeling
“Flawless” print ad for Glamora; September 2017
Appeared in Catwalk Magazine, issue 4; July 2017
Appeared in Catwalk Magazine, issue 2; March 2017
On the cover of Rouge Magazine, issue 2; February 2017
January LookBook, SWANK; January 2017
Appeared in Catwalk Magazine, issue 1; January 2017
Appeared in Mode Magazine, issue 2; January 2017
Featured as Miss Athena Couture and Model of the Month in Rouge Magazine issue 1; December 2016
Appeared in ENVY Magazine v3.5; November 2016
Appeared in ENVY Magazine v3.4; October 2016
Appeared in Rouge Magazine, issue 1; October 2016
Appeared in ENVY Magazine v3.3; October 2016
Miles of Memories featured in the charity section of Kultivate Magazine; October 2016
Appeared as “fire” in SMA Glam issue 2; October 2016
Featured cover and article in Royal Magazine issue 4; September 2016
Appeared in ENVY Magazine v3.0; August 2016
SWANK July spread, ENVY Magazine v2.8; July 2016
Spring Summer Look Book, Ghee; July 2016
National Ice Cream Day spread, ENVY Magazine v2.7; July 2016
Boho styling, SMA Glam Issue 1; July 2016
SWANK June spread, ENVY Magazine v2.5; June 2016
“Piper” vendor ad, POSH PIXELS; June 2016
“Dark Phoenix” in the superhero spread, ENVY Magazine v2.4; June 2016
“Amity” vendor ad, Penumbra SS16FW, White Room Couture; May 2016
“Bella” vendor ad, Penumbra SS16FW, POSH PIXELS; May 2016
“Amity” vendor ad, Fantasy Faire item, Athena Couture; April 2016
“Andie v2” vendor ad, POSH PIXELS; March 2016
Featured in Issue #3, Glitz Magazine; February 2016
“Fede” vendor ad, Relay for Life auction item, POSH PIXELS; February 2016
“Winter waves” vendor ad, White Room Couture; February 2016
Ads for Cherished Creations; January, 2016
Featured in Eclipse Magazine; November 2015
“1934” vendor ad, Penumbra Fashion Week, White Room Couture; October 2015
“Crossed” vendor ad, White Room Couture; September 2015
Sorbet” vendor ad for The Instruments, White Room Couture; August 2015
Shopping ad, M.Y. Studio Productions mall; March 2015
Advertisements for Eternally Yours Weddings; February 2015
Appeared in the “Search for Ghee Girl 2015” story in ModeLS Magazine; February 2015
Vendor ads for the Hipster Fair collection, Ghee; January 2015
Vendor ads for Phenomenon Collection, Lyrical B!zarre Templates; January 2015
ppeared in The Art of Elegance magazine; January 2015
Appeared in Best of Second Life (BOSL) Magazine; December 2014
Vendor photo for MakeUp Addiction (MUA) “Vampire” set; November 2014
Featured in I Love Models Magazine issue; September 2014
Model/Photographer, Nouveaux Visuals; May – September 2014

Runway Shows
FABIA Hair for Spoonful of Sugar, AIM Agency; September 2017
AlaFolie for Spoonful of Sugar, AIM Agency; September 2017
Back to School featuring B Barbie Style, Catwalk Agency; September 2017
Sensations show featuring Jumo, ICONIQ Agency; July 2017
Summer Resort 2017 show, The Fashion Loft; June 2017
Relay for Life: Fashion for the Soul show, Superior Modeling Agency; April 2017
Fashion for Life, Miss Royalty Agency; March 2017
Autumn/Winter Trends show, Ferosh; January 2017
Christmas Show, Ascendent Agency; December 2016
Heth Haute Couture 4th Anniversary Show, Ascendent Agency; November 2016
SMA Haunted Hayride Show; October 2016
Three shows of exclusive releases at Miles of Memories (an event to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association), Miss Royalty Agency; September 2016
B Barbie Style, Regal Agency; September 2016
Summer Bridal Showcase (wearing Styles by Danielle), Haute Monde Agency; August 2016
Spring Trends Show, Ferosh Fashion Weekend; June 2016
Behind the Runway show (wearing Zibska & Diram), Menswear Fashion Week, Siren Productions/SCALA; June 2016
Tori’s Stylez, Regal Agency; April 2016
Wicca’s Wardrobe for J&A Expo, Siren Productions; February 2016
Show 2 (wearing Finale Couture), Autism Speaks Charity Event, Miss Royalty Agency; February 2016
Show 1 (wearing Lyrical B!zarre Templates), Autism Speaks Charity Event, Miss Royalty Agency; February 2016
Love is in the Air, Glint Jewelry with GM Modeling Agency; January 2016
Gloriously Unique: Zibska & The White Armory, Regal Agency; December 2015
United Colors for The 24 Event, Siren Productions; September 2015
Solidea Folies for Fashion-5, Model’s Workshop; September 2015
Boheme, Belladonna Couture show, Street Wear Live; August 2015
Exotic Trends Fashion Show, SL Vogue; July 2015
Blacklace fashion show, Superior Modeling Agency; May 2015
Miss Virtual World misses fashion show, Fashion for Change event; April 2015
LaVian Spring & Summer line runway show; March 2015
#MUSIC flash mob, HASHTAG by Visionaire; February 2015
Model’s Workshop FASHION-5 Runway Show featuring Ghee; July 2014
Fashion Modeling University graduation show featuring JCNY & GizzA creations; June 2014

Featured model in YamaBlog Ep.2 – SL Education, Ascendent Agency; March 2017
Appeared in Christmas Show video, Ascendent Agency; December 2016
Appeared in HHC 4th Anniversary show video, Ascendent Agency; December 2016
Featured model in Summer Bridal Showcase preview video, Haute Monde Agency; August 2016
Appeared in Episode 3 of “BreakOut: Joyful Noise” by Exquisite Xpressionz; July 2016
Ferosh Fashion Weekend, Trends Show; June 2016
Appeared in Episode 2 of “BreakOut: Joyful Noise” by Exquisite Xpressionz; March 2016
Featured model in “Party Like a Ghee Girl” video; January 2016
Model for Street Wear Live, Belladonna Couture “Boheme” Fashion show; August 2015
Extra for “Drax Files: World Makers” episode; January 2015
Interviewer, M.Y. Studio FM – SL Paris Fashion Week video; March, 2015
Featured in a promo video for HASHTAG by VISIONAIRE; February, 2015
Featured in recap of the MVW Disney Meets Gaga Challenge; December 2014
Featured in an episode of DJ Adam01time’s Show; December 2014
Featured in Aim Productions Video of MVW Challenge 5; November 2014
Featured in AIM Productions Video of MVW Challenge 1; October 2014

Store/Live Modeling
Ghee Model; August 2015 – October 2016
Pose model, J&A Expo by Siren Productions; March 2016
Hipster model for “Pimp that Black Dress” by Bea Serendipity, Model’s Workshop; February 2016
Pose model, The 24 Event by Siren Productions; September 2015
LaVian Diamond/Store model, LaVian & Co; January – May 2015
Live Gem/Store Model, Zuri Jewelry; July – October 2014
Store model, LivGlam; May – December 2014

Management Experience
Head of House Ravenclaw (Executive), Fashion for Life 2018; June 2017 – present
Chief Operating Officer, Miss Royalty Agency; November 2016 – present
Professor, Miss Royalty Academy; October 2016 – present
Manager for Lyrical B!zarre Templates; March 2015 – present
Executive, Fashion for Life 2017; November 2016 – April 2017
Creative Director of TEOM Magazine, writer and photographer; November 2014 – May 2016 (Avi Choice Award nominee 2015, 2016 & 2017)
Lecturer and Administator, TEOM Academy; January 2015 – May 2016
Committee Chair: Styling Challenges, Model’s Workshop; March 2015 – June 2016

Blogging, Photography & Other Experience
Featured Blogger in Virtual Second Night Magazine; September 2015 – present
Writer for January issue of Catwalk Mag; 2017
Script writer for Miles of Memories; September 2016
Writer for the June issue of ECLIPSE Magazine; 2016
Writer for the May issue of ECLIPSE Magazine; 2016
Writer for the March issue of ECLIPSE Magazine; 2016
Writer for February issue of ECLIPSE Magazine; 2016
Featured in slGoth Magazine; November 2015
Writer for September issue of ECLIPSE Magazine; 2015
Pinterest assistant for the Nouveaux region; June 2014 – December 2016
Created cover photo and wrote article, Glitz Magazine; August 2015
Writer for March/April issue of Cultured The Magazine; 2015
Social media assistant for W.E. At Home and Eternally Yours Weddings & Events; March – May 2015
Actor, voice talent and events team member for M.Y. Studio Productions; December 2014 – May 2015
Blog post featured on; January 2015
Sanziana – my creations; 2014 – present
Avatars of Second Life blog; 2014-2015
Red Dragon Photography; 2008 – present
Two featured photographs in the Lyrical B!zarre Gallery; October 2014
Featured photograph at the Finesmith Muse Festival; June – July 2014
Honorable Mention, Lyrical B!zarre Photo Contest; June 2014
LivGlam Blogger of the Week; May 2014
Showroom Blogger for Finesmith; May – June 2014

Ferosh Fashion Institute (mentored by Linda Reddevil); graduated 2017
Fashion Modeling University by JCNY; graduated June 2014

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