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Warhol Moment

Today’s blog photo might win the award for the most colorful image that I have created. Not only do the bright colors makes sense due to Warhol’s art style, but they also make sense given that Ghee is a vibrant and cheerful brand. Because of the era that Warhol lived in, I felt the call of Studio 54; that explains the rationale for sitting on a disco ball. To continue with the bright theme, I added metallic heels from Loovus. The hat, dress and heels are all from FashionArt by Inovare. Follow me there!

Dress and hat: Ghee – Warhol Dress for FashionArt
Shoes: Loovus – Frida Heel for FashionArt

As a side note, please check out the second episode of my podcast, Moments in the Spotlight. This episode is all about mesh bodies! Jena Adder, Miele Tarantal and Ananya Mai joined me.

Events, Fashion, Moments in the Spotlight

Celestial Cyber Fairy

The most recent releases from ANE inspired me to get colorful with today’s photo. Anemysk has made some changes to her designs, and I think they have been positive. She has always produced high quality items and deserves to get a lot of recognition for what she has done so far. I’m so blessed to blog for her.

The hair I’m wearing today is from D!va. The store is having a 50% sale on all items and I read something about new and interesting items on the way. Because of the sale, their mesh and hybrid hairs are 125L, so you get two-for-one.

Dress: ANE – Celestial Double Layer Dress from Uber
Shoes: ANE – Bounded Heels v2 from Uber
Wings: ANE – Cyber Wing Pair from Uber
Pose: Posesion from the Helena set available at 1st Event
Hair: D!va – Aya

As an aside, I am excited to announce that the first episode of my podcast is done. Please have a listen to episode 1 of Moments in the Spotlight.

Fashion, Moments in the Spotlight

A Chance Meeting

Can’t… Breathe… *dies*

Honestly, I haven’t spoken to or met any designers (that I can think of) outside of Broken Orfan of Rhuude and Anne M of Dulce Secrets.

However, I just wandered into the Allure Clothing store and not two minutes later but who should IM me? The designer himself. I was so tongue-tied I didn’t know what to say. Somehow I managed a decently coherent conversation with him. He was super nice, wanted to make sure I grabbed all the gifts, said he was happy to meet a fellow create soul (!) and sent me a friend request.

Usually I say Mondays suck but that conversation alone made it an awesome day.

And btw, a look coming soon featuring Allure designs 😉