My name is Amity Sorbet and I’m a Second Life avatar. Since July 2008 I have been wandering through the virtual world. Almost four years ago (November 2012) I decided to start a fashion blog. It began on tumblr where I reached 175 followers. At that time I decided to move everything onto WordPress.

I previously blogged free and low-cost items as well as full-price items which I considered high quality. At this time, I blog for specific designers and several events. Sometimes I inject style advice or stories into my entries. The blog is updated multiple times per month.

Brand invites or review copies are always welcome. I can’t guarantee that I will accept all of them but I’m honored to be considered. Specifically I blog women’s clothing, shoes, make-up, nails, handbags, jewelry, accessories, hair, eyes and poses. If you are a builder with a beautiful location, please send me a notecard in-world including the LM. I would love to feature it as a backdrop in a post.

Sometimes I will blog skin, but that depends on how it fits with my shape. My shape was created especially for modeling purposes.

You can find my Second Life photographs on my flickr page.


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