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In White Houses

In White Houses
For this entry I had fun playing with windlights. It’s a treat for me to show off the awesome Lia Bento Head from Vista Animations. The range of facial expressions and emotions that come with it is comprehensive and the included HUD allows you to pause the expression if you want to use it for a photo. The lines and texture of the face look particularly great in photos. I used a free shape from Denver’s Shapes and modded it to look the way I wanted. I’m also wearing a skin from 7 Deadly Skins which is currently the November group gift. Today is the last day to get it! What makes me particularly happy is that the skin and makeup layers of the head are omega enabled, which I haven’t had with my previous heads. What do you think: should I make this my regular look from now on? I’m definitely thinking seriously about it.

Dress: Pixicat – Dark Dress available at C88
Jewelry: Lassitude & Ennui – Ananya Gacha Set available at The Imaginarium
Pose: Posesion from the Loto set
Hair: Truth Hair – Cinnamon

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Oh My…

Oh My...
There has been a lot going on in RL so I apologize for the post delay. I had fun coming up with the concept for this blog entry. The items from POEMA gave me the opportunity to create a sultry look and show-off some of the recent bento rings created by *elise*.

I wanted to add a quick review about the skin applier I’m using. There aren’t too many great appliers available for Genesis Labs heads. The best-looking appliers are from Genesis Labs themselves and other places such as ItGirls. When E. Vary recently produced 3 Genesis Labs head appliers, I was over the moon. The creator of my system skin doesn’t make Genesis Labs appliers. I wanted to find something which had similar contouring so as to look at least inspired by my system face. For me, I believe E. Vary achieved what I was looking for. The face has strong contouring, especially on the cheeks, has a freckle option AND a good skin texture. The tone was also very similar to my system skin. The only two things I hope will be updated are the removal of the faint neck seam and some softening/fixes to the knuckles on the hands. What I especially love about the face applier is that you can have the skin with eyebrows which gives you an extra tattoo layer available if you need it. For the body applier, it includes 3 cleavage options. I never had that with my system skin, so I’m quite happy. As you can tell, I overall love both the face and body applier and it was worth getting because the skin makes my avatar look chic.

Rings: *elise* – Margherita bento rings for Maitreya and VISTA
Lipstick: -P O E M A- Ikonik Lipstick for Omega at SWANK
Eyeshadow: -P O E M A- Ixchel Eyeshadows Palette for Omega
Earrings: NOIR – OMG Earrings (past event item)
Head: Genesis Labs – Jane
Skin applier: E. Vary – Erika

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A Mix of the Fantastical

A Mix of the FantasticalToday’s outfit is brought to you by Ferosh Fashion Institute. I say that because most of it was created as the assignment for Competition Modeling II class. My homework was to create a Halloween-inspired pageant styling. I figured I should use a dramatic gown, and the one created by Vann exactly fit the trick. For today’s post I specifically added the makeup and wings (which are bento!). The whole combination is a mix of dragon, demon and fairy; to be even more zany I did it in front of a vampiric background.

As an aside, this entry is exciting for me because it’s the first time I’ve been able to wear omega makeup on my Genesis Labs head! GL has updated all the head packages to include a copy specifically mapped to work with these appliers. I couldn’t be happier! That had been my only sad face moment with GL heads, but I don’t have to feel that way anymore.

Outfit: {VU} – Vanessa Gown available soon at the Catwalk Trunk Show event
Headpiece: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Dragon Queen Headpiece
Wings: Lassitude & Ennui – Fairy Wings
Make up: Zibska and Slackgirl
Pose: Posesion from the Cooper set

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The Heart Knows All

The Heart Knows All
This set comes with three pendants in different sizes that hang off the layered chains. The chains comes in gold (pictured here), silver and dark silver. The metal color for the pendants, earrings and bracelets can be changed with a HUD to match whichever chains you wear. While I left the hearts and diamonds in the default color, you can actually select from a veritable rainbow that also comes on the HUD. As for the other necklace included in the set, I’m wearing the layered pearl necklace option because I thought it went nicely with the chains, but there is also a long pearl necklace included which you could opt to hang one of the pendants on. That would be equally pretty.

Jewelry: Chop Zuey – A Poor Heart Aflame set
Pose: Posesion from the Lolipop set
Hair: Vanity Hair – Autumn Leaves
Dress: Kenny Rowlands – Parisian Dress (past Tres Chic event item)

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Pink Swan (preview)

Pink Swan
This will have to be a short post for today. There is a great deal going on in my RL for the next eight days, so I have put together this entry in between the rain drops. Putting together this dancing photo was a lovely experience, especially playing with the poses and lighting. I’m sure most of you are anxiously anticipating the next round of the Arcade gacha. Don’t forget to play the Pixicat machine! Yet again, she has not disappointed with the rare item available, and I think you will like all the cute snow globes which you will receive as the commons prizes.

Dress: Pixicat – Ballerina, the rare item which will be available at the Arcade starting December 1st
Pose: Fashiowl from the My Skating set
Leg warmers and shoes: Reign – Ballerina Warmers
Head piece: Foxes – Spiritualist Head Piece
Make up: Madrid Solo – Birds of a Feather full set

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Name that Tune!

Name that Tune
On social media I have noticed a lot of people wearing this dress. It definitely seems to be very popular, and for good reason. Lore did a wonderful job in designing something out of this world and fun. You can wear it to any party and also to a club. There is something about the pattern that screams freedom. I have been wearing it since she sent it to the blogger group. Yup, guilty. I think that’s what matters when you’re blogging – it’s important to show outfits that you are in love with and wear for days on end.

I also decided to wear a Genesis Labs head for this entry. It probably seems strange since I don’t look like I normally do in photos (although my husband says my avatar looks different in every single image he sees of her). The Emily head was too gorgeous not to wear. It makes me feel incredibly pretty. It’s a softer look than I usually have and that is what drew me to it. This is the blink version, which is a rare in the gacha. If you get any of the lipsticks in the gacha machine, they can be worn with it, which made me incredibly happy when I found out. The base skin in every color option is available in the box that the head comes in, but there aren’t appliers. You can get those separately. I was actually able to use the Maitreya Lara body with the Glam Affair skin tones and change it to the right tint to match reasonably well with the head. If you wear the Lara, I recommend trying that first if you aren’t interested in buying the appliers. Obviously, appliers will give you the best effect, so if you plan to wear this head A LOT, then definitely buy them.

Hair: Vanity Hair – Winehouse (part of the Mix event)
Head: Genesis Labs – Emily 2.0 from Kustom9
Pose: Posesion from the Denisse set
Dress: Lyrical B!zarre Templates – Tune from the Instruments
Jewelry: items from the Pulse Treasures Jewelry Collection from the Instruments

Special thanks to Daria of Mesh Body Addicts for the tip about the runway set.

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SHOCK at Skin Fair review


Hi readers! I’m super excited to show you a skin from [SHOCK] Factory that you can find at Skin Fair 2015. It is called Mya and I think it is lovely. This is my first time blogging anything from Skin Fair. I also don’t do a ton of reviews, so I get very enthused to have the opportunity. The fair starts TOMORROW (3/13), but don’t be surprised if it takes you a while to get in. I will update this entry later with the landmark, as we are not allowed to release it yet. There are so many designers and tons of great items.

I was particularly drawn to Mya because of the detail. You know how much I love strong cheek bones, and Mya has that. The noses are particularly gorgeous in my opinion. Look at the image on my flickr for higher quality. Mya comes in five tones and five make-up options, which are mainly differences in lipstick color. From left to right the tones are chocolate, tan, tea, sugar and porcelain. My favorites in particular are tea and sugar. I’m biased because they are the closest to the skin tone I regularly wear. If you are looking to purchase lighter tones, Mya is perfect for that reason. As you can also tell, you won’t find too many in-between tones on the darker end of the spectrum, but the chocolate tone is so rich and deep. I do find it the most beautiful with the red lipstick. In this photo I am not wearing any make-up layers, but I am wearing eyelashes, so keep that in mind. You can also see that the cleavage shading is great. I love the realism of that part too. In the pack you can get appliers for a lot of mesh body parts. There are appliers for wowmeh and Slink Physique (both of which I own), phat/cute azz, lolas, banned booty, ghetto booty AND Omega. You will also find a freckle tattoo and an extra cleavage option. For all those options alone, this skin is so worth it.

Hope you get a chance to visit Skin Fair and check out this beautiful skin for yourself! Thank you for the opportunity to show you.


Lights on with Lumipro!

Left: used lumipro; right: without lumipro.
Photo on the left uses lumipro; The one on the right is without lumipro. Both photos are unedited.

Today’s entry is different than my usual fashion ones. I’m excited to have a new tool at my disposal. Back when I first joined SL, I was a web designer in my spare time so I did a lot of graphics work. When that was found out by my SL associates, I took on clients for portraits, logos and advertisements. It was pretty lucrative. I had my own company and bought one of the studio systems that everyone raved about. Well, that system became outdated and I realized that in order to get the type of photos I wanted, I’d have to figure out how to use photoshop better, especially when it came to creating my own light from scratch. Even now I am always reading tutorials and improving my skills. Given how serious I am about photography in general, and now that I am doing a little bit for The Evolution of a Model Magazine, I wanted to get a new photography tool. Addison Summerwind told me about it. I had the great fortune of meeting her through Miss Virtual World. She took the photos at most of our runway challenges and in addition I posed for a couple of other photos she took. All fun experiences. She uses lumipro and gets amazing results. After buying it yesterday, I did a few quick tests. What’s great about it is how easy it is to use. I watched a couple videos and read through the short manual and felt like I had a handle on it. Now I am focusing on refining my techniques. I’m already happy with the investment. As you can see in the photo on the left above, it makes a huge difference to my photos. It is used best with medium to dark windlights. It all depends on what effect you are trying to achieve. In lighter or washed-out windlights I hope to use it to cast interestingly colored highlights. Using the system adds a great deal of dimension to the photo. Also, the poses that come in the hud are quite good to start off and you can add more. If you are a hardcore blogger like me who does other photography work on the side and is considering branching out into taking clients, lumipro is an incredible toolbox to utilize.

As an aside, a special thank you to Darla for letting me use her waterfall as a background. Also, the dress and shoes can be found at LaVian & Co. The hair is one of the newest releases from Truth.

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Wild Side: Deesses Skins Wowmeh appliers & Amarelo Manga for Designer Circle

Body: Wowmeh – Silhouette
Skin and applier: Deesses Skins
Dress, hat and bag: Amarelo Manga – Safari Chic for Designer Circle
Hair: Elua – Shena (for hat)
Bracelet: Yummy – Elephant Cuff

Deesses Skins has JUST released appliers for the Wowmeh and Slink mesh bodies. This entry is dedicated to my review of the applier and also to showcase the gorgeous ensemble by Amarelo Manga for Designer Circle round 84 (the only thing not shown are the sunglasses).

The particular skin and tone I’m wearing today are Jamila in flat white on my Wowmeh Silhouette version 1.0. If you want darker tones, then Deesses is where you want to shop. The details on the face and lips, specifically, are exquisite. In order for the hud to work the best, I wore the hands and feet by Wowmeh, even though I typically would wear Slink. The applier hud only works with the newest version of Wowmeh, so make sure you have bought it or updated already.

As with most appliers, you will receive a hud. It takes up a large portion of the middle part of the screen and has all 8 skin tones in it. Something to note is that when you attach the HUD, it might look as though it’s not selectable because a hand icon (on windows) doesn’t show up. At least it didn’t for me. Don’t let that deceive you because it is selectable, just click the body shape for the tone you want. In addition, the hud comes with the two cleavage options of the skin. That’s super handy!

The appliers for slink hands and feet are sold separately, but you will be able to buy them in store near the front door. The only real issue I spotted with the mesh attachments is that depending on the windlight, you can see the lines where each part meets the main body, even though they were all made by Wowmeh. That mostly has to do with the attachments themselves and less with the skin. The same goes for the line between the body and the avatar neck. It’s quite obvious in my photo, so just be prepared for that if you don’t wear a mesh head.

Overall I’m so honored to have been chosen to review the Deesses appliers for Wowmeh. It was fun to poke around and test them out. As a final note, try the lipsticks too! There are a ton of colors and I had to try every single one on before I finally chose the one that best matched today’s ensemble.