Going Out in My PJs

In putting together a look which combines some of my favorite things, I ended up looking like I was planning to wear my PJs out to the grocery store. As you can see, though, they are some cute PJs, so I am not at all ashamed.

My two most favorite items in this outfit (although don’t get me wrong, I love them ALL) are the boots and the tank top. The Bianca boots are from my sponsor Heydra. They are so superb and beautiful I don’t know how I could ever bare to take them off. Pun and spelling intended 😛 The top is one of the gifts from the Hipster Fair. By the way, watch out for the invisible sheep. I heard all kinds of bleating while wandering around. Anyway, I am not a hipster at all, but there are a lot of great gifts and full price items to pick up there. This top is particularly great because, even though you can’t see it here, the texture is perfect and highly detailed. Plus it’s Grumpy Cat. Who can resist her?

To go with the cat theme I wore adorable socks from W&R. And, per the usual lately, my hair is from Truth. The necklace I also wore in the previous post. It’s a recent group gift from Pure Poison.



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