Hint of the 1920s

After visiting a roleplay sim as featured by Kieraly, i was inspired to put together a 1920s homage outfit. The coat is one of the numerous group gifts from Bliss Couture. There is still time to grab it and several other items from the walls in the main landing area. The coat is mesh and I’m wearing a small – it runs large. The coat is so decadent. Not knowing a whole lot about the 20s, it looks quite period to me, although I have a feeling the plunging neckline would have been risque at the time. While considerably more contemporary, I decided to wear Izara boots from Heydra. They come in many more colors beyond red. There’s actually a limited edition color out right now in bubble gum pink. There are only 200 pairs available and not long after she put them in her store already several had been bought, so I’d run to the store as soon as you have a chance. They’re a must-have for any pink lover. What I love about Heydra’s boots, as can be seen in my last entry also, is that the mesh texture is high quality. Plus they can match quite a few different looks.

Have a wonderful rest of your week! Hope to see you around the grid!



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