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Disappointment is not Weakness

Disappointment is not Weakness

The Active Set from Pixicat was so perfect for the topic I wanted to write about today. I had an interesting time trying to find boxing gloves and the right back drop. It was important for me to convey a sense of strength for this image. I hope you will consider visiting Uber so you can get this set. I’m partial to the pants, which you can see come with black cuffs. My favorite color is the pink, so that’s why I decided to show it today.

Shirt and pants: Pixicat – Active Set from Uber
Hair: Rowne – Sasha
Pose: Diesel Works – Fight Me

Last week I encountered several disappointments in my SLife. For the first time in a while, I didn’t get cast in a fashion show when many others got multiple shows, including those who joined the agency at the same time I did. I also had to leave the Visionaire photography class due to my schedule and there’s no schedule guarantee for next semester. The professors were very kind and said I would be automatically eligible next time, but it’s definitely a bummer.

Given these disappointments, although they are minor, I’ve had to remember my mantra. It has been soothing to use it over and over again. The one I say is “lay aside all earthly cares,” a line from a prayer. Thankfully, I have moved on from feeling disappointment about these two things, but it did take a couple of days.

These instances remind me of when I was disappointed with myself for not making top 10 in MVW. When I mentioned it publicly, a person was upset with me for saying it, while at the same time consoling others who felt the same as me. That hurt me a lot, as it would most anyone else.

The point I want to make is that feeling disappointed is NOT a sign of weakness. We are human beings who make mistakes. Life isn’t fair. But we will naturally react to that because we have emotions. When you have disappointments, keep your chin up, even though it’s difficult. We all have the strength inside us. Go to those people who you can confide in without feeling judged. That’s what we all need.

Wishing you lots of luck and success!


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