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The Fashion Zombie

The Fashion Zombie
It’s almost Halloween, which means this photo was very much needed! I used a windlight similar to one used by Miaa Rebane on a blog post she made last year. The items I am wearing are awesome – the head dress is from PurpleMoon; I think Poulet has outdone herself. The top and skirt is by Pixicat for TAG Gacha. I wore the two items separately and played with the rare HUD so that I could have different colored eyes on each. The fun part is that the eyes move! It’s outfits like this which turn me into a Halloween type of person.

Pose: Posesion from the Hallow set for the Instruments
Head piece: PurpleMoon – Savage Headpiece for the Instruments
Hair: BooN – MMG701
Top and skirt: Pixicat – All.Seeing Skirt and Top nr. 2 for TAG Gacha

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NYC Love

NYC Love
You have one more day to get to The Instruments before the September round closes. Check out the event so you can stock up on items with bright colors and patterns. You never know when you’ll need something like that in your wardrobe!


It’s not often that I wear sunglasses, but when I do, I choose Glamistry. The sunglasses options they have are not over the top, but have just the right amount of sophistication. I like that there are multiple pieces that can be changed through a hud.

Dress: A Piece of Chic – Mani Dress from the Instruments
Sunglasses: Glamistry – PU2004
Shoes: Alaskametro – Sutra II
Hair: Envogue – Layka
Pose: Posesion from the Capricornio set

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All Denim

All Denim

As you can see, I am having fun playing with some of the features in the Black Dragon viewer. I won’t go on too much about it, but it works well for photos. It’s been a while since I got to see SL with such crispness.

My inspiration for today’s look was quite simple. Both the shorts and the jacket come in a black denim sort of texture and they coordinate so well together that it looks as if they come from the same outfit. Usually I wouldn’t do a full denim look, but it’s very autumn and chic, while being the perfect casual outfit.

Shorts: Pixicat – Tilde Shorts from Kustom9
Jacket: PurpleMoon – Etnia Jacket from the Instruments
Hair: Elikatira – Rue
Pose by Di’s Opera

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Trip to India

Trip to India

On my bucket list of countries to visit, India is certainly high on the list. Back in high school I almost had the chance, but the family I was going to stay with came down with a terrible sickness. Everyone recovered fine, but my host felt it would ruin my trip to potentially get sick as well. The sentiments about protecting my health were certainly generous. I am sad to have missed the opportunity, but look for a chance to go some day. So, since I cannot visit yet in real life, I can travel there in Second Life. And even better, I get to wear a gorgeous Indian-inspired dress and shoes from White Room Couture to complete the dream. The designer was inspired by several countries and made three version of each item. The Indian version spoke to me the most due to its vibrant color and pattern.

This is also my first blog photo taken in Black Dragon viewer. Unfortunately, Firestorm acts up for me when I try to take photos. It will remain my default viewer, but when I need photos for this blog or TEOM Magazine, I will use the other. CtrlAltStudio and Singularity were also mentioned as possibilities when I posted about the issue on Facebook. The one thing I miss about Firestorm are the photo tools.

Outfit: White Room Couture – Exotique in India for The Instruments (dress and shoes)
Hair: Lamb – Love from Colabor88
Pose: Posesion from the Miss set
Bag: OXI – Neon Nights Clutch

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Cricket for Company

Cricket for Company
The beautiful background for this photo is the Fairy Shire at Obsession Exposed Studio. You should take a visit because you will see lots of cute hobbit holes. The cricket was my inspiration to go somewhere a bit mystical.

The August round of the Instruments is coming to a close. You have a few more moments to grab everything you like. The designers for this round created colorful, yet delicate pieces that you are sure to enjoy. All will help you make a fashion statement.

Dress: Nya’s Shop – Fanny Dress from the Instruments
Earrings: LaGyo – Vigee Statement Earrings
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Sherilyn
Pose: Posesion from the Candida set
Cage: Takeo – Cricket Cage from Fantasy Gacha Carnival

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A Treat

Today I’m showing you two colors of the Sorbet gown by White Room Couture. The designer, Grace (who is a really sweet lady), and I connected after losing touch for some time. She went ahead and sent me a couple of items to style. When she sent me the Sorbet gown, I felt like I might pass out from joy. She especially did an amazing job with the colors and as I told her, I am obsessed with ombers. For this image I decided to use the same hair that I wore in the ad because I’m in love with it as well and I feel like the hair and gown are the perfect pairing. Grace creates so many high fashion looks that I don’t think you will be disappointed. The quality of her items continues to increase by leaps and bounds. This dress in particular is something to invest in.

Dress: White Room Couture – Sorbet Gown from the Instruments
Hair: Vanity Hair – Vamp Glam
Pose: Posesion from the Jupiter set

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Two are Better than One

Dress: Ghee – Artisan Dress for the Instruments
Shoes: Ghee – Artisan Boots for the Instruments
Pose: Chellatrix motion
Hair: Truth Hair – Vida
Earrings: CandyDoll – Lilly Earrings

For Monica’s credits, please see her blog post.

In nearly 3 years of blogging, this is my first collaboration post with someone. I’m elated that we made this happen. Moni is a long-time blogger and has also been a model. She works with me at TEOM Magazine and has been a great part of the team. I feel that she is fast becoming a friend and someone with whom I can share my thoughts. So many of her blog posts have been very informative and I have actually been following her blog and photos in some capacity over the last year (at least). I encourage you to follow her blog not only to see her sense of style, but to utilize it as a useful resource.

She blogs for Ghee so this particular brand was the perfect chance for us to do something together, since I now work for them as well. That’s something I am very happy about – being a store model for Ghee. In the past I had the opportunity to model with Bea Serendipity for a couple of vendor ads, and fingers crossed that opportunity might pop up again. After being accepted as a store model, she sent me an IM which included the dress and boots in this photo. It’s my pleasure to be able to blog them; some of my favorite items so far from Ghee.

At this time I also want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has been reading, following and liking my posts. I appreciate everything you do, because it certainly gives me a sense of purpose when it comes to keeping a blog and sharing my style.

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Name that Tune!

Name that Tune
On social media I have noticed a lot of people wearing this dress. It definitely seems to be very popular, and for good reason. Lore did a wonderful job in designing something out of this world and fun. You can wear it to any party and also to a club. There is something about the pattern that screams freedom. I have been wearing it since she sent it to the blogger group. Yup, guilty. I think that’s what matters when you’re blogging – it’s important to show outfits that you are in love with and wear for days on end.

I also decided to wear a Genesis Labs head for this entry. It probably seems strange since I don’t look like I normally do in photos (although my husband says my avatar looks different in every single image he sees of her). The Emily head was too gorgeous not to wear. It makes me feel incredibly pretty. It’s a softer look than I usually have and that is what drew me to it. This is the blink version, which is a rare in the gacha. If you get any of the lipsticks in the gacha machine, they can be worn with it, which made me incredibly happy when I found out. The base skin in every color option is available in the box that the head comes in, but there aren’t appliers. You can get those separately. I was actually able to use the Maitreya Lara body with the Glam Affair skin tones and change it to the right tint to match reasonably well with the head. If you wear the Lara, I recommend trying that first if you aren’t interested in buying the appliers. Obviously, appliers will give you the best effect, so if you plan to wear this head A LOT, then definitely buy them.

Hair: Vanity Hair – Winehouse (part of the Mix event)
Head: Genesis Labs – Emily 2.0 from Kustom9
Pose: Posesion from the Denisse set
Dress: Lyrical B!zarre Templates – Tune from the Instruments
Jewelry: items from the Pulse Treasures Jewelry Collection from the Instruments

Special thanks to Daria of Mesh Body Addicts for the tip about the runway set.

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The Perfection of Julia

Sometimes in SLife, all the elements come together in harmony to create the perfect shot. I am very happy with the image I have to show you today. What’s even better is that it is raw from Second Life. No editing required! Of course the gown is a major element that truly defines the photo and I think the windlight suits it very well. It is definitely enhanced by the soft effect of the light. The pose I chose makes it appear as if my avatar is reaching out for something. Perfection, perhaps. It is what we always strive for as bloggers and photographers. I urge you to stop by the Instruments to get this gown before the round ends this weekend.

Dress: LENNIE – Julia Ball Gown from the Instruments
Pose: Posesion from the Superve set available at the Instruments
Hair: D!va – Ange

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Under the Tuscan Sun

undertuscansun-finalThe setting for today’s blog image made me think of the Italian countryside, at least like I have seen in movies. As for my own adventures in Italy, I have only been to Rome.

I decided to show you the chic outfit available from D.E. Boutique at the Instruments. There are a variety of colors and patterns, but I chose the more sedate of the ones available. However, I urge you to never be afraid of color! Deborah has a very nice design aesthetic and chooses great prints for all the items she creates. This is the last week for the event, so be sure to hurry as the July round finishes.

Top and pant outfit: D.E. Boutique – Yeri Minimal from the Instruments
Necklace: Baubles – Tarnished Petal Necklace from the Instruments
Hair: Mithral Apothecary – Balisse
Shoes: Lassitude & ennui – Floral pumps (available at the store for Mix)
Pose: MUA from the Lolita set