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The Hunter’s Cargo

The Hunter's Cargo
It seems my inspiration finally makes an appearance when I get to the end of each month. I combined items from two of my favorite designers – Glamistry and Pixicat. For a while I have been hoarding these shoes and figured it was finally the time to bring them out. Also, these pants by Pixicat are available at We ❤ Roleplay which only goes through the end of this month, so stop by there sometime in the next week.

On a different note, SL has been getting me down lately. Perhaps because I’m not an assertive person, I get overlooked for opportunities and other things. It makes me very sad and I begin to doubt my worth in the fashion world. It seems like I have been super involved with a company or school and then all of a sudden they start ignoring me out of the blue. I wish I knew what I did wrong so I could apologize, but I don’t reach-out for fear of appearing weak. True, this is probably me over-reacting, but there are places I have been on staff for a long time or a place I attend events and yet I am constantly the last one considered. Everyone else at these places has been chosen over and over again while I remain unnoticed, despite my loyalty. It’s like being chosen last for a sports team in gym class. So many flashbacks to high school.

This too shall pass. Now for the credits!

Pants: Pixicat – Hunter Pants from We ❤ Roleplay
Hair: Catwa – Rachel
Shoes: Glamistry – Cynara Heels
Pose: BodyLanguage from the Night Breeze set available at The Fantasy Collective

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Boho Daze

Isn’t it strange to see me dressed casual? I know it’s a rare occurrence these days, but I was quite inspired by the items. This outfit seemed perfect for a country girl with animals living in her backyard. She wants to look chic but be comfortable at the same time. This is a lot like the type of outfit I would wear in real life, actually. The fancy things I have in my inventory do not exist in my real closet.

This look was too cute not to post. The skirt is from Pixicat and is actually part of a two-piece outfit. The skirt looks just as beautiful alone. It comes in a bunch of colors. Also want to mention that I’m psyched about the sunglasses. They come from Glamistry, a brand best known for it’s shoes. I love that they have changed it up a little and added a different type of accessory. Every item in their store is necessary to own.

Pose: MUA Poses – Haute Couture 1
Sunglasses: Glamistry – Sunglasses
Shirt: Reverie – Tied-up Shirt from Shiny Shabby
Skirt: Pixicat – Victoria Skirt (part of the full outfit) available from The Fantasy Collective
Hair: Truth Hair – Sally

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I can’t be a mermaid

mermaid-finalConsidering it’s snowing outside right now where I live, being under the sea seems like the perfect alternative. The dress from Haste for Fantasy Collective is gorgeous and it comes in so many different colors; it was difficult for me to choose which to show you. Make sure to take a look at all 10 options available. Each skirt cascades into an ombre at the knee. It’s a lovely alternative for those of us not lucky enough to have the power to turn into a mermaid.

The necklaces I’m wearing (yes, there are two) are created by Yummy. Over the last few months I have absolutely fallen in love with this brand. To me, I don’t see the praises for Yummy sung enough. The quality on every peace is immaculate.

Dress: Haste – Siren Dress from the Fantasy Collective
Pose: PosESioN from the Alice set
Necklaces: Yummy – Love and Starburst Shaker from No21
Hair: Exile – Windsong from C88

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I’m not a statistic

There is a great deal of meaning behind today’s photo. No one should have to be a statistic because of what has happened to them. The Second Life event called 2Lei is going on for a week from November 20-30 and it is in honor of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Many people think that feminism isn’t necessary in our world anymore because women stand on equal footing with men. Unfortunately, that is still not the case. Women are a marginalized population that continues to face discrimination. They face the threat of violence every day, just for walking down the street and existing. Rape survivors continue to be subjected to victim-blaming and stigma. There are movements all across the globe pressing for an end to gender-based violence. If it was not evident already, this cause is very close to my heart as a social worker and survivor. It is also close to my heart because violence against women is not talked about very much in Romania and there are few resources to support women in those situations. It is an honor for me to blog these items which will be at 2Lei. 100% of proceeds will go to charity. This event is promoting a great message and I hope you will show your support through attending some of the events or buying exclusive items.

Dress: Lyrical B!zarre Templates – Denera for 2Lei
Face paint: MUA – Fatality for 2Lei
Head piece: Valentina.E – We Are All Made of Stars Crown from The Fantasy Collective
Pose: Posesion from the Halloween set

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The Marks of War

The Marks of War

This is likely to be my last fantasy post for this month. I had such a good time creating the last couple of looks to show you. The items shown here today are absolutely exquisite.

As a side note, I might not be blogging as much as usual these next couple of weeks (I’m estimating I will have 1-2 posts per week maximum, as opposed to my usual 3) due to multiple SL projects that just came up. Thank you, dear readers, for sticking by me while I try not to procrastinate!

Gown: Lassitude & Ennui – Mystic Dress
Neck piece: The Forge – Chain Mail Collar (found at The Fantasy Collective)
Dog(s): Geek – Cerberpups in SOUL (rare gacha item found at Totally Top Shelf)
Earrings: Fetch – Linc Earring in bone (found at The Fantasy Collective)
Face paint: Zibska – Marsh (group gift, still available)

View the image on flickr.

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The Viking Protector

The Viking Protector

This week was primarily spent shopping because yet again there are so many fantasy items that I absolutely needed. Yes, need – not want. The Fantasy Collective literally just opened and there are many gorgeously detailed and thought-out items from the designers. If you have any interest in Vikings whether for fun or roleplay purposes, then it’s your Mecca. The Top Shelf event is also happening which has fantasy as its theme this round. One of the items for this look I even picked up at The Thrift Shop. Considering the urban theme of most items there, I was surprised to find it. All three of these events are still in full-swing so you have a few more weeks to find these items and put together your very own warrior ensemble.

Dress: Peqe – Goddess (found at Totally Top Shelf)
Headpiece: Le Forme – Lion Goddess Head Piece (found at The Thrift Shop)
Pose and sword: .Mien. Poses – Valkyrias (found at The Fantasy Collective and comes in a pack of 5 poses)
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Lindgren Hair (found at The Fantasy Collective)