The Prodigal Blogger Returns

Return of the Prodigal Blogger
After a much needed and very fun vacation, I am back to blogging and modeling in Second Life. It felt so strange to be away but it’s the only time I take-off during the year. To re-start my blog, I present my monthly Glamistry post. These Camilla heels are super cute with ties that give the shoes an edgy quality. Could someone send these to me in real life?

As you will notice, this photo was taken directly in-world. I had a completely different idea for this photo initially as I was going to combine it with showing a dress, but my computer had other ideas. Given that I needed to get a new hard drive for my computer because the old one failed, I do not have Photoshop installed yet. But I promise that will change very soon.

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Two Shoe Ideas

Today I have a quick post for you to show a few pairs of shoes that I am currently in love with. The two of them are DRASTICALLY different from each other. I have decided to show them both so that you can have a sense of what a classy casual business shoe looks like, compared to something completely out of the box and avant garde. If you want to have an inventory with diversity and one with items in it that will serve you well for any occasion, then it’s important to have different genres in there. That’s why I advocate that you should have some of the more chic classic pumps like the ones featured here, but also should not be afraid to buy a few stand out pieces that could be used in avant garde, haute couture, sci-fi or even fantasy.

shoeideas1-finalGlamistry – Crocus heels

shoeideas2-finalM√Ęchoire – Piotr Heels