Attending a Fashion Show

Yesterday I attended the Style Icon Fashion show at Legal Insanity. LivGlam was featured as a main brand, so this is the outfit that I decided to wear there. It’s a red label new release (which means it’s semi-exclusive mesh that was made custom for only a few designers) which can be found at their mainstore. I especially love the drape of the pants. The whole outfit is a combination of menswear and feminine details, which is very much my real life style. The top comes in four patterns, two of them look like animal print.

Shirt and pants: LivGlam
Hair: Wasabi Pills
Shoes: Essenz
Earrings: RoA (actually bought off marketplace – 10L for the set)


Jump(suits) for Joy!

This post has been a long time coming. It took me a while to decide on backdrop, composition and poses!

Coincidentally, two of the brands I blog for, Amarelo Manga and HEYDRA, have recently released jumpsuits as part of their collections. Now, the styles of the two jumpsuits are very different, which is why you can’t live without at least one of each. I love them both so much! These might just become my go-to outfits for waltzing around the grid. Both come in multiple colors. Amarelo Manga has five pastel colors available for their suits. HEYDRA has several colors AND ombres to choose from.

On an unrelated note, how do you like the red-headed Amity? I decided to use today’s post to feature the latest Glam Affair group gift for Valentine’s Day. Given the brow color, I had to bring out the long-lost ginger Amity. If you look at the earliest pictures on my flickr, you’ll see what I’m talking about! Although back in those days my avatar never looked as chic. In some ways these two versions of my avatar are like ying and yang (but maybe that’s a stretch).

Hair: Lelutka
Jumpsuit: HEYDRA
Shoes: Essenz (past fair gift)
Skin: League

Hair: Elikatira
Jumpsuit: Amarelo Manga
Shoes: Essenz (past fair gift)
Skin: Glam Affair (most recent group gift)


Madam Songbird

As you can see, today I posted quite a wide image. It’s different from the typical dimensions. In all honesty, it was too difficult for me to crop because the landscape details are so beautiful. I hope you enjoy this picture for the aesthetics of both the gown and the nature surrounding it. For me, this is truly a piece of art. As bloggers, I think we have the ability to combine both fashion and art and thus create engaging compositions. Bloggers should never shy away from those moments. In my view it’s just another way of showcasing the beauty of designs.

Gown: LivGlam (steals and deals in-store)
Hair: Truth
Necklace: Finesmith (past, but recent, group gift)


Casual Hiking Day

Today I have a quick post for you to highlight a couple of tops that I picked up recently. The one on the left was made by my good friend Diana who is the owner of Fantasia. It’s called “Pandastache” top. It was too cute not to feature. On the left is a 25L special from Apple May Designs. There is a matching skirt in their store, but the two items are sold as separates. It’s only available for a limited time.

Top (left): Fantasia
Top (right): Apple May Designs
Hair: Lelutka (group gift)
Face tattoo: The Horror (group gift)
Leggings: Vasum from The Fantasy Gacha
Pose: Adorkable (store closed)


Kustom9 Premier

Today begins the next round of Kustom9! I’d like to present to you one of the offerings that LivGlam has for the event. There is also a version in red, which is just as gorgeous. The outfit includes the shirt and the black pants. It’s something I wish I had in real life so I could wear it to work. The sleeves and shoulders are my favorite details – they convey a sense of power and confidence. It’s a really strong look overall. The back of the blouse is pretty as well, it has a cheeky feminine slit (not pictured). Another important thing to note is that this outfit is from the LivGlam Black Label. Mesh is becoming common place and is now the go-to material for fashion designers. In this growing market, creators are finding ways to stand out. As LivGlam always has, it stands out with it’s vibrant prints. That’s why I’ve always loved them. But with the Black Label, they are bringing forward original mesh creations. Yes, ORIGINAL! We women have a chance to feel unique while wearing a brand that has a great legacy and track record.

Hope you enjoy your trip to Kustom9!

Pants and blouse: LivGlam for the Kustom9 event
Hair: Truth
Mesh Hands: The Shops in SL (free!)


I’m Not Royal?

It was incredibly exciting for me to see Liv Glam  (specifically, K-Collection) put an outfit at their mainstore for 55L Thursday inspired by the song “Royals.” I literally started jumping up and down at sight of the vendor photo. This might be bad to say, but I’m now obsessed with this look. Don’t worry too much, you will be able to pick this outfit up today and for the next few days following. It’s a t-shirt and skirt set. One thing that I always harp on is the detail in clothing. That is my number one criteria when it comes to what I feature in this blog. As with all their releases, Liv Glam has continued a high standard of quality. The other featured item today is one of the 50L ombre hair packs from Magika. This was my favorite of the five available hairstyles. The bob was a close second. They also have a thick ponytail, wavy side part and short pig tails available. When I stopped by there were a ton of people, so watch for the lag!



Quick post tonight. My brain is fried from an RL training. This cute ensemble is set-off to good effect with the gorgeous shadows I managed to get in the viewer. My favorite item of this look is definitely the shirt, it’s incredibly adorable. I believe “selfie” was added to the 2014 edition of the Oxford Dictionary XD

Hair: Truth
Shirt: Mary Cakes Designs (group gift)
Shorts: COCO
Earrings: Pure Poison (most recent subscriber gift)
Socks: HEYDRA (available at The Thrift Shop)


HEYDRA and the Octopus

Today I have THREE items from HEYDRA to show you. Versions of the Yanick unisex boots are available at the Style Icon event. I think combat boots look great with dresses – it’s a nice juxtaposition. The dress is the item at the HEYDRA mainstore for the With Love Hunt, which will be wrapping up soon. There is a Jack and Jill Hunt item there as well, which is the bracelet I’m wearing in the picture on the right. It’s unisex and has quite the cute word on it which I don’t dare repeat on this blog! Finally, I’m wearing the cutest necklace from Pixicat. Who doesn’t love octopi? The necklace is a true deal and comes in four colors/textures, so why not buy one of each?

Dress, boots and bracelet: HEYDRA
Necklace: Pixicat
Hair: Wasabi Pills
Pose(s): Adorkable and Bent!


Glam Living in London

Glam Living in London

This jacket with it’s billow sleeve silhouette and belted closure is so chic that it makes me think of city life. In this case, London ❤ The outfit is a Liv Glam offering at the Cosmo Street Sale. It won’t be around much longer so grab it while it’s hot! The coat and skirt are the kind of pieces that I think are a staple for any wardrobe. It’s very exciting for me to be accepted to blog for Liv Glam, especially since (I won’t lie), I’ve always coveted their designs and gotten several of their outfits over the years. If you want your clothes to say “classy,” then it’s time to become a patron.

The boots were a random find at the Thrift Shop. I didn’t go there with any particular motivation in mind, just decided to browse designers. While I looked, I happened to hover over these on the display wall and saw that they were called “Amity Boots” by Intrepid. How perfect is that?! There was no way I couldn’t get them. Each HUD comes with six color options.

Hair: Truth (Past Group Gift)
Coat/skirt/stockings: Liv Glam
Boots: Intrepid
Pose: Adorkable (Store is now closed)