Lights on with Lumipro!

Left: used lumipro; right: without lumipro.
Photo on the left uses lumipro; The one on the right is without lumipro. Both photos are unedited.

Today’s entry is different than my usual fashion ones. I’m excited to have a new tool at my disposal. Back when I first joined SL, I was a web designer in my spare time so I did a lot of graphics work. When that was found out by my SL associates, I took on clients for portraits, logos and advertisements. It was pretty lucrative. I had my own company and bought one of the studio systems that everyone raved about. Well, that system became outdated and I realized that in order to get the type of photos I wanted, I’d have to figure out how to use photoshop better, especially when it came to creating my own light from scratch. Even now I am always reading tutorials and improving my skills. Given how serious I am about photography in general, and now that I am doing a little bit for The Evolution of a Model Magazine, I wanted to get a new photography tool. Addison Summerwind told me about it. I had the great fortune of meeting her through Miss Virtual World. She took the photos at most of our runway challenges and in addition I posed for a couple of other photos she took. All fun experiences. She uses lumipro and gets amazing results. After buying it yesterday, I did a few quick tests. What’s great about it is how easy it is to use. I watched a couple videos and read through the short manual and felt like I had a handle on it. Now I am focusing on refining my techniques. I’m already happy with the investment. As you can see in the photo on the left above, it makes a huge difference to my photos. It is used best with medium to dark windlights. It all depends on what effect you are trying to achieve. In lighter or washed-out windlights I hope to use it to cast interestingly colored highlights. Using the system adds a great deal of dimension to the photo. Also, the poses that come in the hud are quite good to start off and you can add more. If you are a hardcore blogger like me who does other photography work on the side and is considering branching out into taking clients, lumipro is an incredible toolbox to utilize.

As an aside, a special thank you to Darla for letting me use her waterfall as a background. Also, the dress and shoes can be found at LaVian & Co. The hair is one of the newest releases from Truth.