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It All Falls Apart

It All Falls Apart

This photo is my excuse to showcase some goodies from The Arcade! It took me three days to get into the event and I also spent multiple days at yard sales to find things I wanted, but it was well worth it. I love so many of the items for this round. There’s a chance I will show some other items in future posts.

Hair: Truth Hair – Sakura (found at The Arcade)
Dress: U.F.O. – Swan Lake – sky blue (found at The Arcade)
Necklace: Pure Poison – Luna Necklace (most recent group gift)
Shoes: Junbug – Vintage Red Leather Slippers (past Countdown Room item)
Tattoos: Moon Amore – Dreamcatcher

Mannequin: U.F.O. – Swan Lake – Mannequin with Hydrangeas (found at The Arcade)
Wings: Anc – Eden – Wing gold (found at The Arcade)
Wall prints: Ariskea – Tea is the Key (free group gift for May)

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Throne for the taking

With everything going on in RL and SL, it’s a surprise to me that I have time to blog today! As I posted earlier on tumblr, Fifty Linden Friday = Broke Saturday. For me, anyway. I grabbed several items, all of which I love (check out the and Pure Poison items), but the one in particular I wanted to feature was Junbug’s Instant Crush. The cuff and neckline detailing are beautiful, and the draping of the dress falls particularly nicely on my slender frame. This will look great on everyone, of that I’m confident. To add a modern twist to what the medieval styling, I’m wearing the Valeria jewelry set from Finesmith. It’s very sci-fi and dramatic, but also work well for a formal occasion. This post was the perfect excuse for me to show-off the Legacy Banners from Sweet Poison. My favorite houses are Stark, Targaryen and Tyrell, the three shown here. For 100L you can get a bunch of banners. Your choice is between copper and gray. As a side note, this is the first image I’ve taken in my new home! Thanks to Zee, I have a place to call my own. In addition, I will be helping out around Nouveaux, an opportunity which I’m very excited about.

Gown: Junbug – Instant Crush – crimson (Fifty Linden Friday item)
Necklace and earrings: Finesmith – Valeria
Hair: Epoque – Tied-up
Pose: Mien Poses – Timid (25×25 event, only available for 25 hours at the store on May 25th)
Banners: Sweet Poison – Legacy Banners (found at The Fantasy Room)

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