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Ready to Ride

Ready to Ride
Today I was out marching with thousands of other people. And boy do I wish I’d had some great boots like these Lantana Ankleboots from Glamistry. Also, these look super fierce!


The Prodigal Blogger Returns

Return of the Prodigal Blogger
After a much needed and very fun vacation, I am back to blogging and modeling in Second Life. It felt so strange to be away but it’s the only time I take-off during the year. To re-start my blog, I present my monthly Glamistry post. These Camilla heels are super cute with ties that give the shoes an edgy quality. Could someone send these to me in real life?

As you will notice, this photo was taken directly in-world. I had a completely different idea for this photo initially as I was going to combine it with showing a dress, but my computer had other ideas. Given that I needed to get a new hard drive for my computer because the old one failed, I do not have Photoshop installed yet. But I promise that will change very soon.

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The Hunter’s Cargo

The Hunter's Cargo
It seems my inspiration finally makes an appearance when I get to the end of each month. I combined items from two of my favorite designers – Glamistry and Pixicat. For a while I have been hoarding these shoes and figured it was finally the time to bring them out. Also, these pants by Pixicat are available at We ❤ Roleplay which only goes through the end of this month, so stop by there sometime in the next week.

On a different note, SL has been getting me down lately. Perhaps because I’m not an assertive person, I get overlooked for opportunities and other things. It makes me very sad and I begin to doubt my worth in the fashion world. It seems like I have been super involved with a company or school and then all of a sudden they start ignoring me out of the blue. I wish I knew what I did wrong so I could apologize, but I don’t reach-out for fear of appearing weak. True, this is probably me over-reacting, but there are places I have been on staff for a long time or a place I attend events and yet I am constantly the last one considered. Everyone else at these places has been chosen over and over again while I remain unnoticed, despite my loyalty. It’s like being chosen last for a sports team in gym class. So many flashbacks to high school.

This too shall pass. Now for the credits!

Pants: Pixicat – Hunter Pants from We ❤ Roleplay
Hair: Catwa – Rachel
Shoes: Glamistry – Cynara Heels
Pose: BodyLanguage from the Night Breeze set available at The Fantasy Collective

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Show us the Shoes

Show us the Shoes
Wow, life has been a whirlwind lately and I’m gearing up for a crazy week through May 1st, as well. In between the rain drops, I’m here to show you release from Pixicat and Glamistry. This pose is actually a free group gift. I absolutely love it. Because I have long limbs I had to change the position a little, but generally I think it should work for regular-sized avatars.

Top and pants: Pixicat – Linn Set created for C88
Shoes: Glamistry – Peony Heels
Pose: Aerial – Shoes (free group gift)