Playing the Violin in Style

Playing the Violin in Style
Please check out this gorgeous dress and hat set from GIULIADESIGN called “Joys.” I decided to go outside the box from my usual photos and use a prop. The violin from Madpea comes with an animation. This look was very much inspired by the show “Mozart in the Jungle” which is a fictional story about the New York City Orchestra. Typical orchestra member dress is all in black, so that makes this set perfect.

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View from Heaven

View of Heaven
Today’s outfit is dramatic. I was inspired by the “Heaven” setting from Obsession Exposed Studio, a place I visit quite often. Despite the name of the outfit involving the word “eath,” the addition of the wings brought it to a higher level – no pun intended. The combination of the pieces gives the outfit, and whoever wears it, a strong presence. All of the items here look great when materials (advanced lighting mode) are turned on.

Outfit: GIULIADESIGN – Branch the clothes of earth
Wings: ANE – Wings from Kustom9
Pose: Posesion from the Almu set

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Silvy in the Frost

Sometimes we need a break from the heat to remember how nice it can feel during the cool winter. For some reason, the Silvy dress by GIULIADESIGN made me think of an ice princess. The good kind!

After a while of thinking about it, I have decided to make a slight change of direction to my blog. I will continue to blog the designers and events I love, but I will also be writing about fashion/modeling tips and tricks, as well as my opinions. Not every post will have it, especially if I am writing a great deal about specific events, sales or other opportunities. This additional information will always be placed below a cut in my blog post after style credits so that people can just read the pieces they like.

Gown: GIULIADESIGN – Silvy in white
Make up: Zibska – Arzu Frost (free group gift)
Pose: Posesion from the Denisse set
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Cersei
Jewelry: ANE – Crystal Dream for Mix


Take me to those vintage days, Annie

purple20s-final This week was very exciting for me. I received an instant message from one of my MVW sisters, LuceMia (top 5 from this year), asking if I would consider blogging for GIULIADESIGN. It was an easy answer. I have admired the designs for quite some time and always took a look at the vendor ads that LuceMia puts on her social media. Many of my friends and models have raved about GIULIADESIGN, so this opportunity is an honor for me. I am in love with the Annie dress and I thought the purple matched well with my hair and skin tone. It is modern, yet has a vintage sophistication that will have you commanding attention everywhere you go in the metaverse. Also, as you can see in the photo, when advanced lighting mode is activated, you will see materials effects on the dress that give it a realistic pop.

Necklace: Cae – Reverse
Hair: Elikatira – Desta (previously a Hair Fair release)
Pose: Posesion from the Lima set