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Elegant Fruit

FashionArt by Inovare is coming to a close tomorrow, so if you haven’t been there yet, there’s no time to lose. I like the whimsical nature of the outfit by Zibska. It says “peel slowly and see” on it. Very cheeky! I’m also showing you a preview ahead of the 21Shoe event on Saturday. Glamistry is again participating. Who can say no to gold? That is the option I opted to highlight today.

Dress, head piece, necklace: Zibska – Peel available at FashionArt by Inovare
Shoes: Glamistry – Calystegia (not available until Saturday)
Pose: Del May

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Beckoning Spring

Given that the weather is warming up where I live and the birds have come back singing, I’m ready for spring to finally be here. In a way I kind of feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast with the blue and yellow. The colors make me very happy. There are a mix of event items for this look and the photo was taken at Obsession Exposed Studio and Gardens. It’s an amazing sim with lots of locations for great shots. I go there regularly.

Eye shadow: MUA – Comp
Pose: Posesion from the Primaveral set for The Instruments
Dress: Pixicat – Wonderland dress for the Arcade
Hair: Elua – Iola from the Chapter Four
Head piece: Swallow – Rose Frida in yellow for FashionArt by Inovare

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Warhol Moment

Today’s blog photo might win the award for the most colorful image that I have created. Not only do the bright colors makes sense due to Warhol’s art style, but they also make sense given that Ghee is a vibrant and cheerful brand. Because of the era that Warhol lived in, I felt the call of Studio 54; that explains the rationale for sitting on a disco ball. To continue with the bright theme, I added metallic heels from Loovus. The hat, dress and heels are all from FashionArt by Inovare. Follow me there!

Dress and hat: Ghee – Warhol Dress for FashionArt
Shoes: Loovus – Frida Heel for FashionArt

As a side note, please check out the second episode of my podcast, Moments in the Spotlight. This episode is all about mesh bodies! Jena Adder, Miele Tarantal and Ananya Mai joined me.

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Catch Me at Dawn

Catch Me at Dawn

Being away on vacation is putting a damper on my blogging, but I’m trying! There were several great things available for Fifty Linden Friday, so I went crazy as usual. Homestuff is a slow-onset obsession for me right now, so I had to get the decorations from Kalopsia and What Next. The items will be available for a few more hours at least, so high-tail it over to the individual stores. In this look there are also items for Cosmopolitan Sale Room and FashionART. The latter event continues through tomorrow. Cosmopolitan Sale Room began their most recent round on Monday. As always, there are many designers participating, including some of my favorites like Finesmith.

Dress: Legal Insanity – Phoebe Panier Dress (found at FashionART)
Hair flowers: Finesmith – Bouquet (found at the current round of Cosmopolitan Sale Room)
Shoes: Pixicat – Geisha Shoes (only available today for Fifty Linden Friday – come in flat and slink versions together in the package)
Bracelet: Wimey – Scholarly Bracelet (only available for Fifty Linden Friday)
Pose: Vestige Poses – Duality 1
Lanterns: What Next – Hanging Lanterns (only available for Fifty Linden Friday)
Planters: Kalopsia – Hanging Planter (only available for Fifty Linden Friday – the two come together in the package)

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Lyrical Bizarre

Lyrical Bizarre

FashionART is beginning to wind down, so it’s time to make a last visit to buy exclusive items for the event. Lyrical Bizarre has this incredibly textured gown available. It literally looks like paint across the body. The fact that Lyrical was able to mimic the texture so flawlessly still astounds me. When you visit the store, I would urge you to pick up the group gift. It spoke to me especially given my connection to Romania. I had to snatch it up because I haven’t yet run across any outfits on Second Life that pay homage to the traditional Romanian costume.

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Luna
Necklace: Candy Crunchers – Meow’s Necklace (found at Cosmopolitan Sale Room)
Gown: Lyrical Bizarre – Impressions (found at FashionART)
Pose: Vestige Poses

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The Raven


Gown: Kastle Rock Couture – Oils on Velvet – purple (found at FashionART)
Jewelry set: Finesmith – BatKoi Romantic
Mask: Indented Fashion – Aviator (free gift)
Hair: Faenzo – Uffie
Pose: mine

View the uncropped image on flickr.

Special announcement:

Legal Insanity Invite you to celebrate FashionART fair by joining them on

Sunday May 18th at 11am SLT

Our grand finale sees pieces from designers such as Legal Insanity, Liv Glam, Delirium Style, K – Code, Zibska, KL Couture, Pure Poison, Vision, ZOZ, Snowpaws

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Watercolor Day

Watercolor Day

FashionART officially opens in just a matter of minutes! There are many incredible designers who have created exclusive items for the event. Snowpaws released the Viale Gown in her store and she has the watercolor option for FashionART. It has a surreal quality which blends nicely with nature encompassing the colors of fall and spring.

The dramatic headpiece I’ve paired with the Viale Gown is Blossom in white from Finesmith. There are blue and yellow available in the store, also.

Gown: Snowpaws – Viale Gown – watercolor (found at FashionART)
Headpiece: Finesmith – Blossom – white
Eyeshadow: Zibska – Ire Remix (group gift, fee to join)
Hair: Argrace – Koto
Nail polish: Nailed It – FashionART set (found at FashionART)

View the larger image on flickr.

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FashionART and the Courtesan

FashionART and the Courtesan

My second preview post for FashionART! Don’t forget, the event officially opens tomorrow. This gown is the newest release from Snowpaws and comes in three colors. The flamingo, shown here, was my favorite. Multiple accessories available at FashionART coordinated beautifully to form this ensemble. You will find the Mbao bag from Pure Poison, Brooke shoes from M&M Incorporated in a billion colors and lots of hair options from Damselfly.

Dress: Snowpaws – Courtesan – flamingo (newest release)
Shoes: M&M Incorporated – Brooke Heels – grape (found at FashionART)
Bag: Pure Poison – Mbao Hand Bag (found at FashionART)
Hair: Damselfly – Kallima (found at FashionART)
Headpiece: Gala Fashion Design – Mysterious Spring Headpiece – flower/gold (gacha available at The Fantasy Room)
Pose: Vestige Poses – Ariela (past Fi*Friday item)

View the larger image on flickr.