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Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, Massachusetts
I just got back from vacation overseas. Now it’s time to get into the Halloween spirit!

Lipstick: POEMA – Leah Lipstick for Ebento
Top: Pixicat – Shadow Sweater for Salem
Pose: Posesion from the Circus Horror set available at the Hangar Event
Hair: Elua – Celeste

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More from The 24! On Tuesday I had my first ever shift as a pose model for Siren Productions and I had the opportunity to blog the exclusive outfit from Wicca’s Wardrobe called Entity. When I see the outfit, it makes me want to kill zombies! It’s chic but sporty and utilitarian at the same time. The outfit is the dress and hat. I added some boots for full effect. If you want to look sophisticated in a post-apocalyptic world, then this outfit is the perfect choice.

Outfit (hat and dress): Wicca’s Wardrobe – Entity, exclusive for The 24
Pose: Posesion from the Gitana set
Hair: Elua – Shena
Boots: ANE – Wildwalker Boots

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Fashion in the Market


Well, this is my final post before I leave on my three-week vacation! More on that tomorrow. There were several gorgeous red items that designers created recently, so I wanted to show a few today. Also, Summerfest just recently opened. It has one of the cutest sim builds.

Visiting the Harambee set-up at SLB12 is what inspired this photo. They had this great little market stand set-up. I’m definitely drawn to places which are inspired by the continent or particular cultures of Africa, given that I have a degree in African Studies. Sadly, I have never been able to visit. Some day it WILL happen, but for now I get to travel there via Second Life!

Dress: Pixicat – Tropical MaxiDress from Summerfest
Necklace and earrings: Astralia – Dragon Skin at the Instruments
Hair: Elua – Oceana from Summerfest
Pose: Posesion from the Throne set at the Instruments

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Beckoning Spring

Given that the weather is warming up where I live and the birds have come back singing, I’m ready for spring to finally be here. In a way I kind of feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast with the blue and yellow. The colors make me very happy. There are a mix of event items for this look and the photo was taken at Obsession Exposed Studio and Gardens. It’s an amazing sim with lots of locations for great shots. I go there regularly.

Eye shadow: MUA – Comp
Pose: Posesion from the Primaveral set for The Instruments
Dress: Pixicat – Wonderland dress for the Arcade
Hair: Elua – Iola from the Chapter Four
Head piece: Swallow – Rose Frida in yellow for FashionArt by Inovare

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Let in the Love

The Instruments for February is fast approaching. It starts in a matter of days, so here is a preview of the outfit available from Nya’s Shop. Not only do I like to blog her items because she is a native Romanian designer, but also because I think her ensembles and patterns are beyond adorable. Since taking this photo, I have kept wearing the outfit. Might be time to launder it. It’s been a little while since I posted anything from Glamistry, so today I’m showing you the chic Amaryllis heels. They add a bit of spice. I’m definitely ready for Valentine’s Day now!

Skirt and shirt (separate): Nya’s Shop – Romantic Date for The Instruments
Shoes: Glamistry – Amaryllis Heels
Hair: Elua – Hollis 2 available at The Chapter Four
Lipstick: Mudskin – Matte Lips available at The Chapter Four

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Wild Side: Deesses Skins Wowmeh appliers & Amarelo Manga for Designer Circle

Body: Wowmeh – Silhouette
Skin and applier: Deesses Skins
Dress, hat and bag: Amarelo Manga – Safari Chic for Designer Circle
Hair: Elua – Shena (for hat)
Bracelet: Yummy – Elephant Cuff

Deesses Skins has JUST released appliers for the Wowmeh and Slink mesh bodies. This entry is dedicated to my review of the applier and also to showcase the gorgeous ensemble by Amarelo Manga for Designer Circle round 84 (the only thing not shown are the sunglasses).

The particular skin and tone I’m wearing today are Jamila in flat white on my Wowmeh Silhouette version 1.0. If you want darker tones, then Deesses is where you want to shop. The details on the face and lips, specifically, are exquisite. In order for the hud to work the best, I wore the hands and feet by Wowmeh, even though I typically would wear Slink. The applier hud only works with the newest version of Wowmeh, so make sure you have bought it or updated already.

As with most appliers, you will receive a hud. It takes up a large portion of the middle part of the screen and has all 8 skin tones in it. Something to note is that when you attach the HUD, it might look as though it’s not selectable because a hand icon (on windows) doesn’t show up. At least it didn’t for me. Don’t let that deceive you because it is selectable, just click the body shape for the tone you want. In addition, the hud comes with the two cleavage options of the skin. That’s super handy!

The appliers for slink hands and feet are sold separately, but you will be able to buy them in store near the front door. The only real issue I spotted with the mesh attachments is that depending on the windlight, you can see the lines where each part meets the main body, even though they were all made by Wowmeh. That mostly has to do with the attachments themselves and less with the skin. The same goes for the line between the body and the avatar neck. It’s quite obvious in my photo, so just be prepared for that if you don’t wear a mesh head.

Overall I’m so honored to have been chosen to review the Deesses appliers for Wowmeh. It was fun to poke around and test them out. As a final note, try the lipsticks too! There are a ton of colors and I had to try every single one on before I finally chose the one that best matched today’s ensemble.