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The Perfection of Julia

Sometimes in SLife, all the elements come together in harmony to create the perfect shot. I am very happy with the image I have to show you today. What’s even better is that it is raw from Second Life. No editing required! Of course the gown is a major element that truly defines the photo and I think the windlight suits it very well. It is definitely enhanced by the soft effect of the light. The pose I chose makes it appear as if my avatar is reaching out for something. Perfection, perhaps. It is what we always strive for as bloggers and photographers. I urge you to stop by the Instruments to get this gown before the round ends this weekend.

Dress: LENNIE – Julia Ball Gown from the Instruments
Pose: Posesion from the Superve set available at the Instruments
Hair: D!va – Ange

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In the Garden of Memory

Lately I have been recounting many family memories with my friends and loved ones. For me, the garden represents every moment of life; the flowers and blooming trees are positive moments and the weeds are the moments we’d rather not remember. It has been difficult lately thinking about my husband’s grandfather being sick and me being on the other side of the world from them. But, then I am grateful during this time to have wonderful friends who are able to comfort me and make me feel whole. I hope you will take a look at this gown from Rayne, another great item for Penumbra Fashion Week, which ends after tomorrow.

Gown: Rayne – Carly Gown from Penumbra Fashion Week
Pose: Posesion from the Glamour set
Necklace: GizzA – Paper Rose Necklace
Hair: D!va – Lynn (previous item from the Season’s Story)

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My Heart is a Rose

Wow, real life has been really hectic this week with a super long final exam. I’m starting off my posts for the month of May today with a close-up photo. Great items are available for the events that I blog and they really needed this kind of shot. Given there are many more, I will probably do a few more photos like this so I can better show you the details of each piece. The theme today is a little dark, which I suppose mirrors my current stress level. I hope you find everything as exquisite as I do.

Hair: D!va – Miu
Necklace: ANE – Piece of Heart from the Chapter Four
Face tattoo: ARISE – Bonjo Facetattoo from OneWord
Eye pieces: He La – Heavy to watch eye in black from the Instruments

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Celestial Cyber Fairy

The most recent releases from ANE inspired me to get colorful with today’s photo. Anemysk has made some changes to her designs, and I think they have been positive. She has always produced high quality items and deserves to get a lot of recognition for what she has done so far. I’m so blessed to blog for her.

The hair I’m wearing today is from D!va. The store is having a 50% sale on all items and I read something about new and interesting items on the way. Because of the sale, their mesh and hybrid hairs are 125L, so you get two-for-one.

Dress: ANE – Celestial Double Layer Dress from Uber
Shoes: ANE – Bounded Heels v2 from Uber
Wings: ANE – Cyber Wing Pair from Uber
Pose: Posesion from the Helena set available at 1st Event
Hair: D!va – Aya

As an aside, I am excited to announce that the first episode of my podcast is done. Please have a listen to episode 1 of Moments in the Spotlight.