Secret Santa

Secret Santa

As you saw from my last post, I decided to participate in the Blogger & Vlogger Network Secret Santa this year. The name I drew was…

Jumi Bronx (silberengeln)

As a reserved person, it’s sometimes hard for me to reach out to people, so this post didn’t end up being a collaboration. However, I wanted to make sure that you learn a little about Jumi and how to find her in the blogging world.

Jumi is very talented; she blogs for incredible brands and events and has been doing so since April 2014. To name a few, these include Vanilla Bae, WetCat, Candy Fair, Fantasy Gacha Carnival, Sad November, Salt&Pepper, Limerence, Coming Soon Poses and Mon Cheri.

Jumi has a Second Life family, members of whom she has in her profile. Sometimes her posts become a family-affair. Not only is she a prolific blogger, but she’s also involved in the fashion field in another way: she’s the Blogger Manager for WetCat poses.

Please visit her blog and if you love photos, consider following her on Flickr.

Merry Christmas!