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One More Before I Hit the Road

Before I Hit the Road
It’s my last blog post before vacation! I will be gone from July 28th-August 17th so I wanted to make sure to show you these items before I jet off to Eastern Europe again. This outfit makes me feel extra chic for summer. It is a super dressed-up kind of casual look that utilizes items from Pixicat and Chop Zuey. Hope you have a great few weeks and I’ll be back in August with more wonderful creations to show off.

Shirt: Pixicat – Linn Top
Jewelry: Chop Zuey – Sam I Am
Pose: Posesion from the Adon set

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Jedi Mind Tricks

Jedi Mind Tricks
Dressing up for today’s post truly sent me into another world. I positioned myself in a scene, as if I were a princess running away from potential captors. But instead of actually running away from something, I decided that this image tells the story of a princess running toward a possible future as a Jedi (even though technically women can’t be Jedi, I guess). It’s OK to re-write fiction for the better.

Outfit: Ghee – Amadala Engraved Leather Gown set available at the Instruments
Hair: Boon, hair piece
Pose: Posesion from the Fria set available at The “Stuff” Sales Room

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The Fashion Zombie

The Fashion Zombie
It’s almost Halloween, which means this photo was very much needed! I used a windlight similar to one used by Miaa Rebane on a blog post she made last year. The items I am wearing are awesome – the head dress is from PurpleMoon; I think Poulet has outdone herself. The top and skirt is by Pixicat for TAG Gacha. I wore the two items separately and played with the rare HUD so that I could have different colored eyes on each. The fun part is that the eyes move! It’s outfits like this which turn me into a Halloween type of person.

Pose: Posesion from the Hallow set for the Instruments
Head piece: PurpleMoon – Savage Headpiece for the Instruments
Hair: BooN – MMG701
Top and skirt: Pixicat – All.Seeing Skirt and Top nr. 2 for TAG Gacha

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If you want extreme fashion, look no further than this month’s round of the Instruments. The outfit offered by Wicca’s Wardrobe is super haute couture and will be perfect for your next outrageous runway show. The “wings” are an attachment to the back of the dress. I love the geometric shapes. Wearing this outfit is a great way to be daring and step out of your comfort zone. That’s exactly why I wanted to wear it. I have been aching to wear more dramatic pieces, and this fits the bill. Just to note, the outfit comes with slink hand appliers for the gloves. Be sure to remove your nails with the hud when you wear them.

Outfit: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Xanthippe from the Instruments
Pose: MUA from the “Dark” set
Hair: Boon – HYA209

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athenaI’m incredibly excited to talk to you today about the Fashion for Change event. It runs April 11th-25th as a charity project for Womankind Worldwide. There will be entertainment, exclusive items for sale and fashion shows. It’s a great honor for me to support Miss Virtual World, Eleseren Brianna, with this event in some way. I love charity work or helping the community locally, nationally and internationally. My real life job every day changes people’s lives, so the least I could do is pitch in to help Eles do the same for Womankind Worldwide. Until she brought this charity to the forefront, I had never heard of it before. During the next few weeks and the duration of the event, I will show you more great designs. I’m looking forward to it and hope you are too! Landmark will be published when the event opens, so check back here on the 11th.

Gown: Ivona Wine – Styles by Danielle for Fashion for Change
Earrings: OXI – Kiana Earrings from the Dressing Room FUSION
Necklace: ANE – Dark Matter Necklace
Hair: Boon – KED937
Pose: Posesion from the Persa set

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Birds, Butterflies and The Peacock


This gown is one of the most gorgeous I have seen on Second Life. It comes in this blue and also has a yellow base/skirt version called Goldfinch. The birds from the LODE gacha at The Chapter Four fit perfectly with this Peacock gown and I have some butterfly friend with me that came with a hair from Atomic. The earrings are Glam Affair for Fifty Linden Friday. They are worth way more than that given their high quality, so get them while you have the chance. I am also wearing the Haste Collared Bracelet which is chic and I think it could match many different types of look whether casual or more on the formal side. Sometimes I think we can be surprised at how versatile items are. The bracelet comes with a HUD so you can change the metal texture.

Gown: Whimsical Imaginarium – Peacock from The Instruments
Bracelet: Haste – Collared Bracelet
Birds head accessories: LODE – Magic from The Chapter Four
Hair: BooN
Earrings: Glam Affair – Joy Earrings for Fifty Linden Friday
Pose: Posesion from the Morticia set

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Fall Colors

Autumn is my favorite season. The temperature starts to get a little brisk, the sunsets become even more colorful and all the leaves change into bright hues. For me, autumn is also about the clothes. I love being able to wear darker jewel tones, all kinds of oranges, reds and greens. My love for these colors and this particular time of year is what I have tried to convey with this photo. The basket and pose are from Oneword and the dress is from The Instruments. Both events opened on November 1st. Actually, November is one of the most exciting months for events in my opinion.

Dress: Nya’s Shop – Happy Dress for The Instruments
Basket and pose: Mien Poses – Shrooms for Oneword
Shoes: Intrepid – Selene Heels
Hair: Boon – FNQ123
Leaves: Zibska – Edera Deux (comes with color change HUD)