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The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny

Mix-and-match styling is what I have for you today. Not to dive too much into religion, but here are a few fun facts for the day: some call this day Easter, while others, such as myself, call it Pascha. The typical greeting that is given between now and Pentecost is “Christos a inviat!” with the response of “Adevarat a inviat!” Translated into English this is “Christ is risen! Indeed He is risen!”

There are many symbols in various cultures attributed to this day. I decided to play on the symbol of the rabbit, which is based on German folk beliefs about a hare that laid eggs in spring. Yellow is a common color of Easter eggs and other candies. Many spring flowers are bright yellow and are some of the first new plants we see popping out of the ground.

The rabbit mask I’m wearing is part of the HEYDRA Bunny outfit, a new release in store. The entire outfit is compromised of the mask, a cute fluffy tail, a skin-tight jumpsuit and boots – all in black. Very important announcement: For the rest of today and ALL of tomorrow, you will find the entire collection at HEYDRA available for 35% off. Hurry over for a chance to get the items on sale. The top I’m wearing here is actually a sports bra, a soon-to-be new release from Allure that has not yet come out in stores. But I promise it will be there soon! What you cannot see in the photo is the detail on the back of the bra which is white breathable fabric. The creator of Allure is also in the process of finishing a new group gift, so make sure to visit the store. There are also little rabbits hanging on my ears, which were sent out as the group gift from Pure Poison this week. They are still available it the group notices. PP is also having an Easter sale which lasts until the 22nd, with the addition of a 10L exclusive gacha. After a few quiet months, The Horror released a new group gift with several goodies inside, including this eyebow ring (which I’m in love with) AND the face streak set which includes nose ring and cute triangular nose tattoos in black and tintable versions.

Hair: Tukinowaguma (past group gift)
Pose: Expressive Poses (on marketplace)
Top: Allure
Ring: The Horror (group gift)
Earrings: Pure Poison (group gift)
Nose ring: The Horror

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