Personal Announcements


I apologize for my lack of posts this month.

Right after getting my new computer, on which Photoshop hasn’t yet been installed, I fell ill. The cause initially was unknown.

This past Friday night (May 12th), I went to the ER with abdominal pain. After waiting an hour, screaming in agony, it was found that I was bleeding to death internally. I was rushed into emergency surgery and the team at my local hospital saved my life. They are not considered a trauma level hospital, but because of the volume of blood in my abdomen, they had no time to send me by helicopter to the nearest trauma hospital 40 minutes away. Thankfully, I’m a universal receiver, so they were able to give me 1 liter of blood from their very meager supply.

After surgery I stayed in the hospital 2 days until I was stable. I’ve been at home on medical leave for the last week in order to recuperate. My blood supply is slowly coming back but I’ll be anemic for another 6+ weeks. It has left me with limited energy and the pain and headaches have made it impossible to focus on blogging.

Again, please accept my apologies for keeping you hanging. I’ll be posting my next entry on May 21st.


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