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Miami Night

Miami NightHope you love all the colors of this photo! With the right combination you can make anything pop.
Shoes: Glamistry – Hortensia heels
Backdrop: MONS – 3D Photoshoot Decor from The Crossroads event

The other day I was reminded about a couple of things that I find are absolutely essential to backstage/runway etiquette. During rehearsals, everyone can get very antsy as they are learning the choreography. At the beginning of my runway career, I did a show that involved a lot of newer models. A couple of us were more veteran, so we needed to help each other out. We also had a ton of rehearsals because of the number of new models. At one point my viewer froze up, so I was unable to say “ready” when the cue was given for me to enter the runway. Another veteran model called me out in front of the whole group for missing the cue. That kind of thing should be up to the director, not other models. Then the other day at a show, I noticed the model behind me fidgeting a lot. He was pacing back and forth behind me and if I didn’t move fast enough, he would bump right into me. Even when I did move forward, he would keep pressing down on his forward arrow which still caused him to crowd me. In these two instances, I am reminded how important it is to be courteous to one another. Even small things like the two examples I mentioned can leave people unnecessarily annoyed with each other.


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