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The Hunter’s Cargo

The Hunter's Cargo
It seems my inspiration finally makes an appearance when I get to the end of each month. I combined items from two of my favorite designers – Glamistry and Pixicat. For a while I have been hoarding these shoes and figured it was finally the time to bring them out. Also, these pants by Pixicat are available at We ❤ Roleplay which only goes through the end of this month, so stop by there sometime in the next week.

On a different note, SL has been getting me down lately. Perhaps because I’m not an assertive person, I get overlooked for opportunities and other things. It makes me very sad and I begin to doubt my worth in the fashion world. It seems like I have been super involved with a company or school and then all of a sudden they start ignoring me out of the blue. I wish I knew what I did wrong so I could apologize, but I don’t reach-out for fear of appearing weak. True, this is probably me over-reacting, but there are places I have been on staff for a long time or a place I attend events and yet I am constantly the last one considered. Everyone else at these places has been chosen over and over again while I remain unnoticed, despite my loyalty. It’s like being chosen last for a sports team in gym class. So many flashbacks to high school.

This too shall pass. Now for the credits!

Pants: Pixicat – Hunter Pants from We ❤ Roleplay
Hair: Catwa – Rachel
Shoes: Glamistry – Cynara Heels
Pose: BodyLanguage from the Night Breeze set available at The Fantasy Collective


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