Don’t you LOVE Chop Zuey?

Chop Zuey for your Valentine
Happy Valentine’s Day! I want to say a huge thank you to John and Belle for choosing me as a Chop Zuey blogger. In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Dirait-on set is available in-store. The name means “So They Say” which is very fun and cheeky. The first 50 people to buy the set will receive it for 50% off, which is a superb deal. To keep with the red theme of the photo, I chose the red stones from the HUD, but you can actually change the large gems of the earrings and necklace. There are 12 color options. There are also four bracelet options, 3 of which I’m wearing in the photo. To top off the look I’m wearing hair from Vanity Hair.

Hurry over to Chop Zuey to be one of the first 50!


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