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Embrace the Colde

Embrace the Colde

Over the long weekend, I took four days to visit New York. During those days, I visited a lot of my old haunts. The interesting innovation and the upcoming fashion week inspired me to style this look. It certainly isn’t quite like anything that would be found in the city, but the vibrant blue, whimsical heels and structured corset bring out small details of some of the outfits I saw people wearing. These are the sorts of items I wish I owned in real life. Actually, the Colde Heels from Machoire remind me of the fashion from the Hunger Games. In fact, there is a exhibition in Times Square which features many of the costumes from it. I could see the character Effie being able to pull off these heels with no problem.

Top: Ison – Structural Corset for the Mix event
Shoes: Machoire – Colde Heels
Necklace and earrings: Baubbles – Lindi set available at the 24 Event by Siren Productions
Hair: Vanity Hair – Moonriver


2 thoughts on “Embrace the Colde”

  1. I actually didn’t immediately notice the structure in that top until you pointed it out and I did a double take. It just… goes together so nicely, so… out of the box! I like the curves in the heel and the angles in the corset. They go really great together! Hope your vacation/visit back to New York was great!

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