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The Bird Whisperer

The Bird Whisperer

Outfit and hat: GIULIADESIGN – Sia in purple
Face accessories: Lode – Leila from Collabor88
Peacock: Anc – Hatsuyume from a previous round of the Arcade
Pose: Posesion from the Casual set

If you are a friend or have been following my blog for at least the last six months, you will see that I dabbled in creating a podcast. Only two episodes were produced because I found that to record and edit, it took literally 24 hours for each episode. In the past I have always been afraid of putting these opinions into my blog and on the written page.

In a time not long ago, I began to lose interest and inspiration for this blog. It made me re-evaluate what I wanted to achieve as a blogger. Yes, representing designers and events is very important to me. That’s what I love. The first step to preserve inspiration was to maintain about 2 weekly posts at minimum.

I tend to feel more inspired when I can write about a topic that lends itself to fashion, modeling, blogging or social relations (all of which I think dovetail nicely together). In some ways, I would like to be a “Dear Abby” or “agony Aunt” of modeling. Some day I would love to teach, but until then, I want to help people as much as I can.

In the last few weeks I have been creating a list of potential topics. But I also want to open this to you as a reader, if you choose to take me up on it. If you have any burning personal questions, want feedback about photography/modeling or seek tips and tricks on a specific topic, I invite you to email me at amitysorbetzapatero [remove the space before sending].


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