Strawberry Singh meme

First & Recent

Here is my submission for Strawberry Singh’s “first and recent” blogger meme. While I have been in Second Life since July 2008, I didn’t officially start blogging until 2012. When I began blogging, I was on tumblr. Initially, I just I posted random snapshots and some had outfit credits.

The photo on the left is not my first ever blog photo, but it’s one of the first close-ups I ever took. It was taken within the first month that I started the tumblr. Between the end of 2012 and now, I have gone through several changes. Most notably, I went to modeling school and got help refining my shape. Since June 2014, I have not changed my face shape much at all. For the first time in my SL, I’m very happy with it. Now I feel like I have found my avatar’s style and signature look.

Hoping to have a skin fair post up tomorrow!


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