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Celestial Cyber Fairy

The most recent releases from ANE inspired me to get colorful with today’s photo. Anemysk has made some changes to her designs, and I think they have been positive. She has always produced high quality items and deserves to get a lot of recognition for what she has done so far. I’m so blessed to blog for her.

The hair I’m wearing today is from D!va. The store is having a 50% sale on all items and I read something about new and interesting items on the way. Because of the sale, their mesh and hybrid hairs are 125L, so you get two-for-one.

Dress: ANE – Celestial Double Layer Dress from Uber
Shoes: ANE – Bounded Heels v2 from Uber
Wings: ANE – Cyber Wing Pair from Uber
Pose: Posesion from the Helena set available at 1st Event
Hair: D!va – Aya

As an aside, I am excited to announce that the first episode of my podcast is done. Please have a listen to episode 1 of Moments in the Spotlight.


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