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Reflecting on the Miss Virtual World journey

Coat: Nya’s Shop – FurJacket in white from The Instruments
Bodysuit: Ghee – Blue Ombre Frost Catsuit from the Frozen Fair (You need to see this in person – it sparkles!)
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Snowdrift from Collabor88
Necklace: ZOZ – Unwrap Me Holiday Necklace for the Peace on Earth Hunt
Head piece: LODE – Valle II from The Instruments
Pose: Posesion from the Curtain set for The Instruments

Please read more if you are curious about my post-Miss Virtual World finale reflections.

It’s been a couple of days since the finals of Miss Virtual World. I’ve had a little time to rest and took a day off, even though I had initially meant to blog yesterday. There was some health stuff I had to do which came up unexpectedly. Overall, it was good to have that day off because it helped me gain perspective. Congratulations to Eles for winning Miss Virtual World and to Issy for placing top 5. Many congrats also to Silly & Sakura for placing top 11. They are some of my faves and I’m so grateful to call them friends. I am elated for them and excited to see what happens. Best wishes to the lovely Eles for this coming year.

Mixed with the happiness is certainly some sadness that I did not make it to Top 11 and a sense of becoming invisible again, which can be disheartening after all that hard work. I missed out on yearly family traditions and spending quality time with my husband, parents and friends in order to do MVW. Every participant gave up so much for an amazing opportunity to grow. Apparently I had my heart set on top 11 more than I realized in those moments. That takes nothing away from how well the other ladies did. Such beautiful ladies on the inside and out. But I want to make the point that it’s OK for the rest of us to feel some sadness. These are real emotions and we can’t lie to ourselves that everything is 100% fine. Some people need to process emotions out loud, whether in writing, spoken, or both. For some of us, keeping emotions inside will hurt us in the long run. Any previous or current competitors who didn’t make top 11 or 12 and say they weren’t disappointed in their standing are not telling the truth. This is a natural thing for anyone to feel and it does not detract from the accomplishments of others. These are our emotions and they only affect us. In some ways I felt I let myself down. That feeling has faded. It actually hit me rather delayed. I didn’t feel it until the laptop lid closed and the weight settled on my chest. After taking the 48 hour breather to focus on my health, I can look at everything from the outside and I feel much better. Experiences are always surreal when they end.

For myself, I am now left to wonder what the future holds in the modeling and fashion world of SL. Every participating Miss from years previous, not just the overall winner, has gone on to do great things. They certainly inspire us all. The pageant was a huge confidence booster for me. I love modeling and I love Romania, plain and simple. The back story is that for many years I wanted to be a real life model. At 15 years old I was 5’9″ and 125lbs. So imagine a tall thin gangly girl, but with a frame well suited to modeling clothes. Trust me, I was realistic and knew I was never going to be the next Coco Rocha. But I was really interested in working regionally, doing shows and being in catalogs. Coming from a small town, I could not figure out how to get started. I did a show and then I did an online modeling competition. My dreams hit a road block that I couldn’t break through. So I went off to college and now I have an amazing career. Every day I help people to realize their full potential as a human beings and member of society. That’s nothing to sniff at. But the dream that I am no longer qualified for remained elusive. And then I found Second Life. Just like real life, it took many years for me to figure out how to become a model. For whatever reason, my life journeys have a tendency to take a long time. After all that, I can now call myself a model. The dream I held for 12 years has been fulfilled in my late 20s.

If you read all the way to this point, I want to thank you very much. Also special thanks to the entire staff of Miss Virtual World including Diamond, Fal, Kimmera and Reign. And another major thank you to all my friends.


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