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It is week two of the current Cosmopolitan Sale Room round. There are so many items this time around that I’m in love with. They come together as the perfect maritime ensemble you can wear for boating or a stroll on the beach. The shirt and shorts outfit, as well as the bracelet and sandals all come with different pattern and color options. The bracelet is in four colors and will match any of your outfits. The sandals are a lot of fun because you can wear the pair that corresponds with the weather outside – rain, snow, clouds or sun.

Find all the items shown here at Cosmopolitan Sale Room

Shirt and shorts: Orage Creations – Typical shirt and pants – Maritime
Sandals: Buttery Toast – Forecast Flipflops (female)
Pose and prop: Sup Poses – Blogger Obsession
Hair: EMO-tions – Doreen
Bracelet: Candy Crushers – Neva


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