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Lyrical Bizarre

Lyrical Bizarre

FashionART is beginning to wind down, so it’s time to make a last visit to buy exclusive items for the event. Lyrical Bizarre has this incredibly textured gown available. It literally looks like paint across the body. The fact that Lyrical was able to mimic the texture so flawlessly still astounds me. When you visit the store, I would urge you to pick up the group gift. It spoke to me especially given my connection to Romania. I had to snatch it up because I haven’t yet run across any outfits on Second Life that pay homage to the traditional Romanian costume.

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Luna
Necklace: Candy Crunchers – Meow’s Necklace (found at Cosmopolitan Sale Room)
Gown: Lyrical Bizarre – Impressions (found at FashionART)
Pose: Vestige Poses


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