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Watercolor Day

Watercolor Day

FashionART officially opens in just a matter of minutes! There are many incredible designers who have created exclusive items for the event. Snowpaws released the Viale Gown in her store and she has the watercolor option for FashionART. It has a surreal quality which blends nicely with nature encompassing the colors of fall and spring.

The dramatic headpiece I’ve paired with the Viale Gown is Blossom in white from Finesmith. There are blue and yellow available in the store, also.

Gown: Snowpaws – Viale Gown – watercolor (found at FashionART)
Headpiece: Finesmith – Blossom – white
Eyeshadow: Zibska – Ire Remix (group gift, fee to join)
Hair: Argrace – Koto
Nail polish: Nailed It – FashionART set (found at FashionART)

View the larger image on flickr.


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