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Street Posing

Street Posing

This photo is all about the juxtaposition. There is urban and rural, casual edgy fashion paired with a sweet flowing material. I wanted to show you all these great items in one post!

There is a worthwhile cause being supported in Second Life this week. The Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) Awareness Event is in full swing. Designers are selling items on behalf of charity. Glitterati is part of this great event. I had never heard of EB until the event was advertised. Sapphire has quite a few outfits and dresses out to support the event. The in particular that I’m showing is the Tiana dress. My favorite part of it is that you essentially get two dresses in one. There is the all-overal floral pattern here as well as an option that has just a floral pattern on the skirt. The added fun is the high-low hem. Please visit this site to get more information about the EB event.

The Cotton Candy hunt doesn’t start until May 4th, but I was so excited about being accepted to blog for Gala Fashion Design (even after I bugged her about the knuckle rings at Gotta Gacha) and couldn’t wait to show you. The bracelets I’m wearing are the hunt item from GFD. There are options for wearing all the bracelets together like I’m showing here, or there are individual yellow, purple, blue and green bracelets. With all these color options, there’s guaranteed to be something that will match your outfit. I love these because they provide a glorious pop of color!

Dress: Glitterati by Sapphire (for the EB Awareness Event) – Tiana dress – nude
Bracelets: Gala Fashion Design (for the Cotton Candy Hunt)
Hair: Truth – Elyce (without headband)
Necklace: Pure Poison – Roxanne Necklace (past group gift, still available)
Eyeshadow: Glitterati by Sapphire – from the Light n Dark palette
Pose: In-pose (this is a great discount pose store, I found a lot of options!)

View the larger image on flickr.


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