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Tourist for a Day

Tourist for a Day

Lately I have been shopping up a storm! It’s been a lot of fun. Now it’s time for a post to showcase all my glorious finds from this weekend; there are items from Pose Fair 2014, Gotta Gacha and several new releases.

Gotta Gacha is a fun little event in the center square of Eden Land. There are many brands available for reasonable gacha prices. For a little while now I’d been coveting the knuckle rings from Gala Fashion Design. They are 100% original mesh! That’s one of the things which has a tendency to get me very excited about a brand. Gala and I had a short interaction and she is a lovely person! The second time I tried the same machine I lost my money (likely due to lag, which we all love), so I explained the situation to her and she was kind of enough to provide me with several additional rings so that I could show you some options. The ones on my left hand are from the Knuckle Ring Set2, but at Gotta Gacha you will find Set1 as well which was originally at Luck of the Irish Gacha. Again, each try is 35L so if you have a little money to spare, try a few times! Just watch the lag!

Pose Fair this year is an interesting build. For those who are triggered by empty space, the feeling of falling, darkness or invisibility – tread carefully. I spent much of the time caming through the stores. My reason for going was that I had seen several couples poses for selfies and was hoping there were some for individuals. Somehow I missed Mien Poses on the first time around. Luckily a simple google search helped me pinpoint the right place, so I hurried back and bought the set of 6 poses for 150L. The pose set comes with an iphone-look-alike. There is a space for a logo so of course I incorporated my blog title. This pose is a fun way to play into the selfie trend and show-off the rings!

The new releases shown here are the Kate hair from Lelutka. It can be found upon entering through the right-hand entrance to the hair department. There is this version and another similar type of hair that is curly ponytails. One of the newer releases from Amarelo Manga is the Samira dress, which has a sexy and fun cut in both the front and back. It’s the perfect summer dress for time on the beach or in the evening on a date. The tie-dyed pattern is particularly tropical.

Dress: Amarelo Manga – Samira
Hair: Lelutka – Kate
Jewelry: Gala Fashion Design – Knuckle Ring Set2 (found at Gotta Gacha event)
Pose & phone: Mien Poses – Selfie (Pose Fair 2014)

View the larger image on flickr.


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