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Tuesday Tea Time

Tuesday Tea Time

Tea time is not a big thing in the United States, but whenever I visited my aunt’s house growing up we always had a tea break at 4pm. To match the floral beauty of today’s design “American Beauty” released by LivGlam for the Hello Tuesday event, I stopped by Rico’s Tea House. Everyone has been saying such positive things about the place and it’s true – the setting is beautiful. American Beauty by LivGlam is deceiving – it’s actually a mesh outfit comprised of two parts. The semi-transparent top and skirt hem, along with their beautiful draping, are the details which drew me to the outfit. It is available in the purple you see here as well as green, red and turquoise.

Top and skirt: LivGlam “American Beauty” (Hello Tuesday)
Hair: Clawtooth “Windswept” (can only be found on Marketplace)
Pose: Behavior Body

View the larger image on flickr.


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