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Here Comes the Rain Again, Falling on My Head Like a Tragedy

Here Comes the Rain Again, Falling on My Head Like a Tragedy

Yes, it’s another rain picture! Aren’t there times in our lives when things are running us down and we get a little moody? That prompted me to put together this look for what has actually turned out to be a glorious Saturday (at least in terms of the weather). While my style has been dubbed “classy” (many thanks for that compliment to those who have expressed it! Means a lot to me <3), I like to push the envelope and go to the edgy side sometimes. Every woman deserves to feel like a pretty princess when she wants to, but she has the same right to be a bada** on other days.

This spiked bra and legging outfit, a new release from HEYDRA, makes me feel like a rocker chick and I love that. The clutch is another item from Amarelo Manga for Designer Circle, just like the romper I posted about yesterday. The great addition to the clutch is that it comes with a pose AO which I have used here to showcase the clutch at it’s best. Fun fact: The hair I’m wearing in this photo by Truth Hawks (“Junia”) is how I wear my hair in real life!

Hair: Truth
Bra and leggings: HEYDRA
Clutch and pose/ao: Amarelo Manga (found at Designer Circle)
Necklace: Pure Poison (past group gift)


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