Seductive Secrets

Seductive Secrets

The jacket, top and pants, called “End of the Sky,” will be released tomorrow by LivGlam as part of Secret Wednesday. The outfit and other looks are available in the mainstore and at 100L or less. This is an opportunity to get exquisite detail and high quality for a reasonable price. There is no way you won’t look like a star. There are four patterns (two animal and two graphic) to choose from for the top and it can be changed by using the enclosed HUD. Stop by the store to view the options. “End of the Sky” is the type of outfit you would see in a glossy magazine spread.

The rabbit embellishment on my jacket is actually a collar tip which is best worn with a button-up shirt. The chain detail goes well with the punk rock vibe of the whole outfit. I added the rabbit ring for good measure. The only piece not shown of the jewelry collection is the necklace, which has three rabbits in all. You can pick this up as a new release at the Pixicat store. The ring is my favorite because it fits my mesh hands. It’s been a challenge for me to find any rings that naturally go on them, so I’m super pleased with what Pixicat has created.

Outfit: LivGlam
Hair and pose: Argrace
Collar tip and ring: Pixicat

View the larger image on flickr.


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