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The cold never bothered me, anyway

The cold never bothered me, anyway

Fairytales and fantasy have definitely been on my mind, lately. With the premier of Game of Thrones and the lead-up to The Comic Fair, it makes sense why that would be. The gowns featured today were inspired by several Disney princesses and here is my interpretation of the characters. On the left there is Rapunzel from the film Tangled and on the left is Elsa from Frozen. These dresses, along with modern interpretations of Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Jazmine from Alladin have been created by Lugoi Devotion. They are not available until April 15th at The Comic Fair, but it was too difficult for me to resist showing them early. These were my favorite two dresses of the four. The others are pretty as well and other bloggers have featured them. I particularly would like to highlight the gloves worn for Elsa’s look. They come with the gown but also have a hud. They are mesh and you can change the hand position when you click on the various pictures in the HUD.

Gowns and gloves: Lugoi Devotion
Hair: Magika (left) and Truth (right)
Poses: Behavior Body

View the larger image on flickr.


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