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It’s you that I Krave

It's you that I Krave

HEYDRA has been exceptionally involved in the most recent event being held by Krave Inc. called Urban Freestyle Fair. Not only has she put out gacha items and a sponsor gift (for both male and female no less), but also several releases, including the Stella coat pictured here. This is the sand color, but there is also beige, red, purple and several others. A couple are plain while others like the red and purple have a floral pattern. The event begins in just two days on April 1st and it looks to be quite a big deal. From what I’ve heard there are many designers participating and plenty of others sponsoring, so not only will you find new releases, but there will probably be gifts from a majority of those sponsors. It’s great to attend an event that hits multiple price-points. Hope you have a great time there!

Coat: HEYDRA (Urban Freestyle Fair)
Hair: Truth
Skin: Belleza
Pose: Pipit

View the larger image on flickr.


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