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Like a Walk through Europe

Like a Walk through Europe

Fitted mesh is amazing – I can’t get enough of it! For this week’s Steals and Deals from LivGlam, their outfit “I Will be There” comes with the usual standard sizing items (sweater and pants combo) but there is an additional fitted mesh option for those who have a viewer with the feature enabled. Let me tell you – it definitely frees up the ol’ inventory. I wanted to highlight the back of the sweater for this image because the silk ties are an exquisite touch. The front of the sweater is covered in white and gray sequins so it’s gorgeous from any direction. For a pop of color I wore the coral earrings from Pure Poison which are one of the newest group gifts. The detail on them is stellar. They’re a classy match for any outfit and can take something casual to the next level.

Outfit: LivGlam
Earrings: Pure Poison
Hair: Little Bones (group gift)


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