A Wedding in India

A Wedding in India

Spring is here tomorrow! Thus starts the early wedding season which leads into the peak time of summer. I’m featuring the newest release from Glitterati by Sapphire’s Bollywood fashions line. The outfit is titled Imarigold, the bright colors for which I complemented in the lighting of the photos presented here. The best part of every single Bollywood outfit are the options. There are two skirts – full or slim; shirt option with either gold or pink cuffs, heels (not pictured) with color-change HUD, veil, tiara and two different belts. The biggest draw of this outfit is the vivid colors and patterns that transport the wearer across the globe. As someone who has never visited India (and this is my first time visiting virtual India!), I had a great time photographing the garments and you will have a great time wearing them.

Outfit: Glitterati by Sapphire
Hair: Truth
Pose: Pipit


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