Colors of My Dreams

Colors of My Dreams

Today I saw several posts featuring the Insanity sim, so I used it for the background of my photo. Last night I had several vivid dreams, and “dreamlike” is certainly the word I would use for Insanity. The sim is very artistic and I encourage everyone to take a look, although beware of possible triggers.

Amarelo Manga has released another bag for their spring collection. So far I’ve loved every bag that’s come out. This comes in a variety of color combinations. The mesh dress I’m wearing is from Fantasia and is the item which Diana has designed for the Cast Away event running March 23rd-April 6th. All items there are 80L or LESS. Quite the deal. The dress has a rather Black Swan feel to it (for those who have seen the movie).

Dress: Fantasia (Cast Away event)
Bag: Amarelo Manga
Necklace: Pure Poison (newest group gift – still free join!)
Hair: Truth

View the full-size image on flickr.


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