Etinceler Grand Opening

Etinceler Grand Opening

Etinceler is having its store grand opening this week. As part of the celebration, there is a store-wide hunt until the 16th (Sunday). The only things in these photos that are not part of the hunt are the hair, skin and shape. There are sweater, t-shirt, shorts, jeans, skirts, swimsuit and headband items to find. A picture of all the items can be found here. Please enjoy and happy hunting!

Etinceler is a great brand. The designs are fresh, bright, cheerful and funky. You can find anything from retro to whimsical. What makes me really excited to support the designer Arella is that she truly cares about artistry and ethics. All of the patterns have been well-researched and she has asked permission to use each. Brands that put forward strong mission statements like that should be celebrated and supported by all.

Other Credits
Hair: Wasabi Pills & Truth


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