A Second Life Gypsy


WAPPEN is a fairly new brand in Second Life, but the creator has produced multiple items which are chic and ultra girly. The newest release is the skirt that I’m wearing in this photo. Don’t ask me why, but it made me think of a gypsy, so I paired it with the cropped shirt (also from WAPPEN) and bold jewelry (necklace is a group gift from Pure Poison). In some ways, this look personifies my Second Life – I wander throughout the grid shopping and finding new landscapes and without a true home. Of course these days, “gypsies” are more settled and are actually called Roma people. But the legacy and stereotype lives on. To some extent, I think many avatars in SL are gypsies.

The gypsy stereotype is also that of a fortune-teller. In reality I am a medium, so if you’re ever looking into personal insights for yourself, come find me 😉

Skirt and crop top: WAPPEN
Necklace: Pure Poison (group gift)
Bracelet: Pure Poison (unisex – bought using store credit)
Hair: Truth

View the image on flickr.


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