Once Upon a Time…

Once Upon a Time...

LivGlam released this gorgeous “Love Story Gown” yesterday for Fi*Friday. The event will likely last for several more days to give people enough time to buy the item. 55L is a true deal. The gown comes in five other colors in addition to the green pictured here. I wanted to show it for it’s exquisite front detail and draping. The gown makes me think of a medieval legend, which is why I feature an old church in the background. Back in those days it’s probably the type of dress a woman might have worn to her wedding, since they definitely didn’t have the white dress tradition that many Western countries have these days. My hope is that this image is emotive – my attempt was for my avi to look blissful and sweet as if experiencing a first young love.

Gown: LivGlam
Necklace: Pure Poison (group gift)
Hair: Wasabi Pills

View the image on flickr.


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