Sunset Style

Sunset Style

Yesterday I posted the Womenstuff hunt item from Glitterati by Sapphire. Today I have another beautiful item for the same hunt (and more) from Hudson’s. The dress is a mesh base covered in a red floral pattern. In addition there is an optional flexi skirt that can be worn on top. It does add some nice movement, so I included it for the photo. If you go to the Hudson’s mainstore you can also search for the Steampunk hunt item which is a necklace and earring set. It’s two finely detailed locks that say “together forever” which I thought was sweet. There are two necklaces so you can wear one and have a partner wear the other.

The other two items I should mention are the shoes and hair. The former is a group gift from BSD Design Studio. The group won’t be free to join much longer, so grab the shoes while you can. There are also handbags available in the same place. The hair is the most recent group gift from Little Bones called Full Moon. This is my favorite hair from Nova to date because I can’t get enough of the windswept style which is really popular right now in SL.

By the way, every item in today’s look is completely free. It’s been a while since I put one of those together. Overall this is a high quality look for anyone who doesn’t have lindens at the moment.

Dress and necklace: Hudson’s (hunt gifts)
Hair: Little Bones (group gift)
Shoes: BSD Design Studio (group gift)

View this image on flickr.


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