Changing the Fashion Scales

Wearing this outfit today makes me feel like a mermaid who just got her land legs. The bag, jacket and skirt all have scale-like patterns which go well together. The outfit is called “Black Sea” created by my friend Diana for her brand Fantasia. It’s named for the sea that Romania has coast line on, which I have actually visited. There are a lot of resorts there and this outfit is perfect to wear to the beach side clubs. The bag and shoes are two offerings from Amarelo Manga. Designer Circle is a discount event that happens periodically and AM has participated several times. This bag is my favorite of any. It’s hard to see in the photo, but “Amarelo Manga” is embossed on the front. I love that touch, especially as I’m someone who covets designer handbags in real life.

Shoes and bag: Amarelo Manga (available at Designer Circle)
Jacket and skirt: Fantasia (Mysteries of the Sea hunt gift/5L/Available starting March 10th)
Necklace: Pure Poison (group gift)
Hair: Truth


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