Glam Living in London

Glam Living in London

This jacket with it’s billow sleeve silhouette and belted closure is so chic that it makes me think of city life. In this case, London ❤ The outfit is a Liv Glam offering at the Cosmo Street Sale. It won’t be around much longer so grab it while it’s hot! The coat and skirt are the kind of pieces that I think are a staple for any wardrobe. It’s very exciting for me to be accepted to blog for Liv Glam, especially since (I won’t lie), I’ve always coveted their designs and gotten several of their outfits over the years. If you want your clothes to say “classy,” then it’s time to become a patron.

The boots were a random find at the Thrift Shop. I didn’t go there with any particular motivation in mind, just decided to browse designers. While I looked, I happened to hover over these on the display wall and saw that they were called “Amity Boots” by Intrepid. How perfect is that?! There was no way I couldn’t get them. Each HUD comes with six color options.

Hair: Truth (Past Group Gift)
Coat/skirt/stockings: Liv Glam
Boots: Intrepid
Pose: Adorkable (Store is now closed)


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